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    100 dollars to get rid of energy bar?????????????

    taken from http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/iPad/...ew.asp?c=64799

    "IAPs explained
    Christ, what can't you buy in this game? Gold bars (the premium currency) buy you ship parts, certain speedboats, fuel tanks, and premium houses, clothing items, and bits of furniture.

    You can also use them to speed up wait timers, and buy special upgrades like speedy nitro refills, double ship parts, double cash, half as long wait timers, and extra energy.

    And you can remove the energy system altogether for a cool 1,500 gold bars (about £80 / $100)

    You can buy cash, too, which is used for everything else in the game - from upgrades to your boat to a fancy pair of flip-flops that will make girls like you." end quote

    What is wrong with you people? What impertinent business sense justifies charging a customer ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to remove a mechanism meant to test people's patience vs the will to resist opening their wallets? How the hell do you all sleep at night pushing out this free-to-WAIT cash grab hoping for a quick buck? This "game" ranks right up there with EA's Dungeon Keeper mobile as one of the worst examples of this genre that i have ever seen.

    This is Riptide GP for suckers. What exactly is "micro" about being able to charge somebody 100 dollars for virtual currency that represents no real value at all besides enriching your own coffers as i am sure you are going to rely on "whales" to sustain this disrespectful business model?

    You people are not our friends for you are a business and you are in it to make money not to give crap away for free. It don't have a damn thing to do with trying to lessen the price of entry as "games" like this is similar to gambling. You sucker us in with giving us a "taste" before we start hitting barriers that either force us to wait, grind, or open our wallets to continue playing as normal like at the beginning.

    People can buy 10 WHOLE games for 100 dollars from steam without being asked afterwards for real money to spend on any sort of "premium" currency you greedy devs decide to come up with.

    Do you honestly feel a sense of pride and justification for creating crap like this on mobile instead of creating a meaningful, pay once and play, fan-requested driver game?

    Lead by example by creating an exceptional game that people are willing to pay for ONCE. Even gamers on mobile do not want to be hassled for cash perpetually when all we want to do is have fun and not have to constantly put up with your "virtual beggar" games you classify as "freemium" which is a rather clever oxymoron for you know and i know that these "games" are not FREE.

    You do not earn admiration and respect with these practices. You earn ire and irritation from those that keep you in business in the first place. Without US, there is no YOU. Remember that...

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    Hi, kris242011! You don't need to pay to finish the game, everything is accessible for non-paying players. IAP are a way to accelerate your progression but everything the player needs to finish this game is unlockable through gameplay. The experience is designed to be fun for players who do not spend real money. IAP purchases can help the player speed through the content, but there’s always a choice: pay for an item or spend more time playing the game.

    If you need fuel, you can wait some time to refill, pay for fuel, ask your friend for help. So, paying is an option, a choice, and not an obligation.
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