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    Coat Physics Too Fast/Flappy (Weird Bug)

    The more videos and streams I watch, the more I realize that my coat physics move much faster than most other peoples'. I've tried to change settings in both Watch Dogs and with my graphics card, but I can't seem to figure out exactly what's causing this.

    It's been this way since I bought the game way back on release, but I'm still not quite sure what's causing it. Is there a fix to it or at least an explanation?
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    I think it has something to do with your FPS in-game. I may be wrong, but when it's too low or too high, the coat moves faster.
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    I thought that originally too, but my game is pretty much constant at 60 fps. I tried to cap my framerate, but it still happened.
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    Well, I just tried capping my refresh rate at 30, and that fixed it. So it's just another case of Ubisoft doing a lazy console port.
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    Started playing this again on my G-SYNC 144Hz display and I noticed I had that same glitch only if my refresh rate in the game (say 120Hz) was different to my monitor refresh rate in Nvidia Control panel (say 144Hz). I also disabled Vsync and had GPU Max Buffered frames set to 1. Now the coat flaps more normally.
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    I downloaded Watch Dogs 2 for free on the epic games store and it wont open

    I downloaded Watch Dogs 2 on the epic games store and It wont open. It opens then closes and when I try to reload it it says its running. I've tried reinstalling it but it didn't do anything.
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