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Well, there are several Japanese planes now, and can we have more fun in a mass bombin

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  • a) Flyable B-29 in paid addon

    22 29.73%
  • b) Flyable B-29 in free addon

    23 31.08%
  • c) Non-flyable B-29 in paid addon

    2 2.70%
  • d) Non-flyable B-29 in free addon

    5 6.76%
  • e) Nah, not interested...

    22 29.73%
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    Several japaneese planesâ´? There's two! Five if you count the sub-variants - which I don't.
    We need the Tony, the Jack, the George and the Oscar at LEAST before flying pacific is going to be fun, and still we have NO jap bombers.
    No I think we have to wait till November where the pacific addon is planned to come out, and I wouldn't count on a flyable B-29 in that package either.

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    We can't even get a prolific B-17 made because the work involved in the modeling would be so intense. I'd say it be even harder to get a B-29 flyable.

    AI will do for me.

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    Moving to general discussion, please take it from there


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    A B-29 is just too hard to make - just take a look at Olegs thread on the B25 I think is...

    But if it's ever done it MUST have the Fat Man loadout!!!



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    The B-29 is nice but it take too much work on just the avonics and cockpit modeling. Not to say we would need a good size map if we want to use this bird.

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    Ill still say that before we go on to completely new planes from other theatres of the war the devs should work to make planes like the Pe2/3/8, Ju88, and Tu2 Flyable. Id take a B29 if it was made available though...Im just sayin...

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    There are missing more important planes like the standart light Luftwaffebomber Ju88 or the Mosquito! Make them flyable!

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    Maps are simply too small to have use of such a plane... The same goes for the B17 by the way.
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