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    Did anyone see the leaked pre alpha footage?

    It has been removed from youtube, If anyone saw it, what did it show?
    There is a gif going around showing a diving roll.
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    Hey guys,

    We are aware that you might have seen the leaked low resolution images and a video from a “pre-alpha” build of the game. To avoid confusion and speculation we want to point out that this build was purely for test purposes and is not representative of the game’s current state - nor the final quality we plan to deliver at release.

    As you might know, an online game of this scale requires a vast amount of testing as we go through the various development stages. This early build was intended for testing server load only. Testing server performance is key to ensuring a smoother user experience, which is one of our main priorities.

    We are working hard on the game in an effort to live up to your expectations and we look forward to when we can show you some new stuff!
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