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    how to access my cloud savegames?

    Hi everyone,

    I was playing Might and Magic Legacy quite far abroad and I was quite sure that the game content/savegames was always saved in the ubi cloud. However, when I today installed the game at home and started it, no savegame is there. What can I do to access the cloud savegames?


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    Provided that you had cloud saves enabled when you previously played, these files should have been uploaded to the cloud, then when installing the game at home, again providing that you have cloud saves enabled these should be synchronized.

    Please check the setting in Uplay PC by clicking the cog/gear icon in the top right > selecting "Settings" > "General" tab and ensure "Enable Cloud Save Synchronization for supported games" is ticked.

    You may also wish to ensure you are not experiencing an issue connecting the Uplay by following the steps in the FAQ HERE.

    If after these steps, you still cannot restore your saves then unfortunately they may be lost. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I am absolutely sure that I had on both computers the cloud save synchronization enabled. After finishing a game session I always saw, additionally, the little window popping up saying that it was saved. My connection to uplay is also fine.

    So I assume the savegames where lost - but how could this have happened?
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    Saved games

    Hi everybody,

    I had on my last comupter and in my new PC the cloud save synchronization enabled. My connection to uplay is fine.

    Why I can not find my savegames?

    I need to wait something, or I lost all advances? Can I check the files in the cloud?

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