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    Shiny new Kat 6/2/3

    Once upon a time, Stronghold was the one unrivaled faction. Then it was Inferno. And back it was to Stronghold.

    Without much ado, here's the decklist:


    Hero (6/2/3)
    1x Kat, Seeker of Freedom

    Events (8)
    3x Rise of the Nethermancer
    4x Week of the Mercenaries
    1x Cosmic Balance

    Creatures (29)
    4x Blackskull Warchanter
    4x Ranaar Harpy
    4x Stormrage Hunter
    4x Stormrage Warrior
    4x Bloodshark Warrior
    4x Blackskull Shredder
    3x Bloodsnake Shaman
    1x Zefiria, Windchaser
    1x Gust Harpy

    Spells (4)
    4x Storm Rage

    Fortunes (15)
    2x Sacrificial Altar
    4x Might of the Tribe
    2x Broken Bridge
    4x Campfire
    3x Surprise Attack

    Buildings (2)
    2x War Tent

    This deck is exceptional, and I cannot recommend it more. I have been playing with it for quite awhile now, and I can see almost no flaw to it. It has the ability to win against just about anything - with Academy being the only exception. Well, in this meta riddled with Inferos, Necropolii, Havenies - and to some extent Strongholdians - it is without a doubt very potent.

    At present, out of a total of 23 games that I've played, I have only lost 4 - where 3 were winning a Swiss.

    Playstyle? Nothing fancy. 1. Push as much damage as possible & 2. Try not to die

    Want some replays?:

    http://www.mmdoctools.com/replay/119...us-kat.en.html <-- 4 Warchanters auto-lose?

    I'll post more if you would like me to (:

    P.S I didn't create this deck. I played against someone and simply borrowed and tweaked his deck. In fact, I hear that a similar version is played on Acamas.
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    I won't dispute your ability to win with it, but where are you playing it?

    It seems light on 2 drops frankly.
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    If you mean whether I play ranked or unranked - its mostly unranked games. Honestly, I'm not too sure I get your question.

    True it maybe lacking in early drops, but this deck is nothing like inferno. It really shines during the midgame where your 4 drops, war tents, and other subtle abilities and removal come into play.
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    I mean what elo range do you play at.

    And it doesn't have to be like inferNO to lose to proper rush decks because you can't fight for board or wipe it.
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    Oh, I assumed there wasn't a point in asking that since my elo is stated in the replays. I currently play around 1600 - 1750 elo.

    I chose to only show inferno games because Stronghold in general has a very easy time against Cassandra Barracks. And this deck's ability to finish the game without warning makes it just as easy to fight against other factions. Inferno is more of a challenge because you're pressured to survive at the same time - you are required to kill off any threats like thralls and succubuses as soon as they are played. One of the reasons this deck is so strong is because no one knows how to play against it effecitvely - people tend to play around the normal Kat 5/4/3, which is futile against this sort of deck.

    Of course I'm not saying this deck is by any means top tier, or can win 80% of your games. Like I said, if people actually learnt how to play around it, it wouldn't be very hard to beat. And as I stated before, Academy is actually a hard counter to this deck.

    But if you would want me to post any other replays of games, I'd be happy to do so
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    I didn't watch the replays, or even look at them.

    What's odd though is that you have a better than 80% win rate and then claim that it's not that good. Maybe the surprise effect of might of the tribe, I don't know, it seems like it should be subpar to various Shaar pump decks if only because you should lose the early board frequently with the lack of 2 drops, and you don't really have a cost effective way to take it back. I really don't know why this should be better than some Acamas build either, but apparently it is.
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    It's all-in type of deck. Almost all creatures die to A.Wrath and there is no recovery from that. Shaar can at least gain some cards back with Great Hunt events.
    Of course it works, Acamas, Shaar, Myranda, Spamtaru, Inferno rush also works. Rush is rush. But there are better choices than Kat for that playstyle.
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    This doesn't look like rush to me. Looks mid range. To be fair I prefer this deck list to standard kat but then that's probably as I fail hard playing standard kat. I know zergrusher does well with the other version. Different strokes for different folks I guess
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