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    Digital version of 40.3 GB installed AND a 39.3 GB version ready to install

    Hi all,

    I've contacted Ubi support but they gave me a standardised answer on a question i had, so i hope i have a better shot at getting an actually answer in here

    What i did:
    (P.S. i was on the Netherlands/Dutch settings because i had to at some euro giftcards so that stayed that way until the next day)
    - Bought a download code from CDKeys.com.
    - Redeemed it on my Xbox One and it automatically started downloading.
    - Went to My Games & Apps and hit Manage Game on AC Unity to view the install size (40.3 GB).
    - Started playing, no update required (so i assume this is the latest version with TU 3 and/or 4 included?!).

    The next day i switched my settings to UK (because i wanted to use my kinect for voice commands) and a Ready To Be Installed version of 39.3 GB shows up.
    (switched back to Dutch and it was gone, so it only shows up when on UK settings).

    Has anyone any idea of this 40.3 GB version that is installed is the newest version of the digital game (that means the previous TU patches and the one of 7 GB incorporated in the total size) or that i should unistall it and install the 39.3 GB version and download the 7 GB update after that?!

    Thanks in advance if you have any advice,

    - a FuzzedUpCookie
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    This sometiems happens when you change users - the Xbox One handles games in that way - it installs the game again for each user - rather than per console.

    Did you change the XBL account too?

    Re the download 'version' - the way the Xbox One works - is it downloads any patch before the main game is installed.. and it's tagged on to the install size - however the 'main game' is always the normal unpatched version.

    Games can be slightly different sizes - due to the languages and region.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    No, i did not change XBL Accounts, only language/region settings.

    And i heard about Patch 4 having a bug that makes users have a 40 GB download instead of the intended 7 GB... maybe that is what happend here (if that's still possible)

    (also when i look up AC Unity on the Dutch xbox store it says 'Play', when i look AC Unity up in the UK store it says 'Install')

    i thought this 40.3 GB version without updates is the same version as the 39.3 GB one with updates (i hope).

    so can you say if this 40.3 GB version i have is the latest and most up to date version (since i didnt get any when starting the game) and i did get the TU 5 today soooo.. i'm kinda confused at this point or is there a way to check which version number i have?
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