Frostbite by Tottignio2000 (PS4)

This map can be found HERE on the Ubisoft Online Map Browser

The author Tottignio2000 commented on another map and asked if I would take a look at Frostbite & I have to say that I am glad I did.

This is a very creative map, just take a look at the way he has done the broken / destroyed areas - and that tower the way you move around it with the fire and then swinging into the top area to get ammo & weapons is really well put together - I still think I didn't take the correct way when navigating the tower.

The map does not feel that big and I got through it in just over 5 mins but that time can be about average for a lot of maps - I am really glad I checked this out as it's worth seeing and is a good map to get through - Looking forward to seeing more maps by Tottignio2000