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    Overrun? I canīt join.

    Hi all,
    Can anyone connect to Overrun? Because i cant
    I have Season Pass, Durgesh working fine.
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    Overrun? I canīt join.

    same here! is a mystery!? and today is the 12th February (2015). Well by clicking on it, I still go to the ubi shop!!! lol
    [but if you observe the stats: they change, so someone playing...]
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    Overrun? I canīt join.

    Same here... It says in game news feed that the Overrun DLC is now available but i can't play, it appears in the menu but it opens the ubi shop when i click on it and it does not display any servers with this game mode
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    oki new patch, 805Mb, maybe is time....
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    yea if you have it on steam they also just released the update a short time ago , may take time till its on all the servers ..but it looks to be working now
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    no sorry uplay here but work fine! - but the overrun games are not shown in browser session (under "all mods")
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    Now it is possible to download. Good idea, but no with Rakshasa vs Golden patch. I am still dead, bow vs MG42 is .....bad!
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    it's possible because there are two very clear mistakes, concern when you playing as rakshasa
    - ammo at starting are much, so much lower than the chance of the golden path players (really too unbalanced)
    - point/box to reload ammo in many cases are totally absent or very very unbalanced...

    I think, to be more competitive and balanced, it should:
    + increase explosive and incendiary ammo arrows (default) to 5 (and by "big quiver" more additional 4/5 units arrows) - because not everyone can use this skill
    + balance absolutely the ammo point/box: for each golden path point/box ammo, there must be same for a rakshasa in that same area - or doubling the ammo point/box, if not increased the amount of (default) ammo!
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    same here

    i have the same problem on xbox360 its now 5 days ago that overrun was released on xbox... i have a season pass and still cannot load it anywhere!(exept for money in the shop)
    can anybody help me with this????
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    Hi and welcome to the forums, have you tried pressing X whilst in the main menu? it should be in the store.

    If you still cannot load it I suggest contacting our Support team https://support.ubi.com
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