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    Progress is not saved when phone dies

    Just got Platinum medal on Quagmire, and guess what.. my phone died (turned off instantly) after about 3 seconds when I exited back to the map.
    Plugged charger, turned the phone on, Trials Frontier crashes at first attempt to launch, the second goes fine, but progress is not saved, so I had to complete 3 introductory tracks, login with UPLay account and download my latest progress, which does not have that Platinum medal..

    The real problem is I think developers did something wrong, because in similar situation, after phone booting I continued to receive game notifications like "You received a gift from player X", but when I launched the game, there was no progress at all, so I had to log in and download it. So how does the background Android service knows my account details and the App does not??
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    It's like in game uplay and rl servers are not updating all your info in sync... happened to me on another track and I had to redo... Quagmire is a nono for this kid of glitch and I hear you perfectly fine. I just wish uplay (UBI) and game servers (RL) would be synced in real time and/or at 100% so no progress is lost if anything weird happens with the device and/or game...
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