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    Newly formed clan [SL76] Cursed Creed looking for new peeps.

    Hi all

    New to unity and the forums. I've just set up a new new clan. We currently have 4 members so loads of room for people who want to join.

    There's 4 of us in currently and have only been going 8 days. We've just moved from bronze to silver 2 after winning our first club competition.

    Come by and check us out. All are welcome
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    Just moved to Silver div and 1st currently and we'll ahead with points to jump up to the next divsion. Still looking for some people as only 4 of us in the club so far
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    I went ahead and applied. I'm looking for a smaller clan I can help build up from the get-go. I'm pretty active, on every day, especially since I'm off of work this month. Hit me up on live, too! ToadHunter2014.
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    I applied. Advanced Officer here
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