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    How do I respond to Ubisoft Support?

    Today I received an e-mail from Ubisoft support - I was instructed NOT to reply to that address.

    The message read...

    We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within four days.

    Andrew @Ubisoft Support


    My name is Andrew and I will assist you today. Please accept my apologies for the long wait in getting back to you.

    I am sorry about the problem you are experiencing with Trials Frontier, hopefully we will be able to resolve this soon.


    If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know as I will be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Best regards,

    I do appreciate the effort, I really do, but the explanation didn't work and now the problem is worse. I'd love to respond within four days (as sugggested in the message) but despite the offers of further help, there's no instruction as to how to tell you. There is a "did this answer help?" option of "yes" or "no", but if I click "no" it just takes me to the Ubisoft Customer Support site with news about fixes for other games.

    I don't want to get annoying or angry about this, but Customer Support is seriously, seriously lacking. I'm doing my best to give all the info to help fix the problem while remaining calm and patient, but this sort of service is begining to grind on me a little.

    How can I contact Customer support to say your fix hasn't fixed my problem (and indeed made it worse)?

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    As per the email - the address is not monitored - so please don't reply to it.

    If you need to update the Customer Service Agent - click the no on the email- sign in - and update your ticket - or:

    Goto www.support.ubi.com - sign in - goto 'my questions' on the left hand side of the screen and find your ticket in the list - and update it.

    That is how you talk to CS.

    Hope this is clear?
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