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    Escape from prison 3

    Hi all,
    Hurk and Ajay were captured and deported to a labor camp in the Himalayas. Fortunately, one of the men was carrying a monkey who had once escaped from Hurk. She recognized him and brought him a knife, as has been trained. So both unlock the prison doors.

    Name: Escape from prison 3

    Release: Out - http://far-cry.ubi.com/en-GB/communi...=pc,mapId=7472
    Platform: PC
    For: Single and coop.
    Map is for stealth play, but on map is MG42.
    Game time: about 20 minutes


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    Really nice looking map. Great job.
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    Wow! Nice work! It's hard to believe that you're not finished with it yet because it looks fantastic.
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    One of the best looking maps I've seen yet. The time and effort put into this really shows good job
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    With today I spent on the map around 40 hours.
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    I have to agree, considering you've said this map is not the final version it looks like it has a great amount of polish already. I love the idea of sneaking around prison and your lighting work is superb.

    I only have one suggestion for your map (and this is just personal preference). Having the enemies appear on the map may make it easier to complete the map. May be a good idea to turn this off as it'll increase the challenge.

    Overall though, it looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing the finished product!
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    View the enemy is only in a test version, the final version will not have this.
    Originally in map was ice cave, but it will leave for next map

    And again, thanx!
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    Escape from prison 3 is out, have fun!
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    And this is why it should be an option to update your maps!

    On 1. place is first version of map with some bugs and now there are 2 version of one map on top. It same with Last hope.
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