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What are the Standard and Open Formats?
MMDoC is split into Standard and Open formats. These formats dictate which sets are available for use by players. Players taking part in normal Ranked/Unranked play will require a Standard legal deck to play.

When building a deck you will see the option to change the deck validation between the formats listed below. If the deck is valid for that format it will show a green tick, clicking on this (Or the red X which signifies an invalid deck) will show you in detail the rules for deck construction in that format.

The current format split is shown below:

  • Base Set 2
  • Heart of Nightmares
  • Griffin Bane
  • Sins of Betrayal

  • Standard Sets (Above)
  • Base Set 1
  • Void Rising
  • Herald of the Void
  • Forgotten Wars
  • Five Towers

Weekly is a third format which is used in the Jackpot Tournament, this format changes each week and follows special rules such as only being able to use common cards etc.

How Do I Report a Player

Sometimes you will find that you will need to report a player to the support team.

It might be that the player was rude to you, or you suspect them of cheating and want to help the support team keep the community and game a place other players want to be.

To help us keep the forums, and game as a good place, create a ticket here with an explanation of the problem along with a screenshot the game where you can clearly show what happened. For a detailed guide on how to create a ticket, see the bottom of this FAQ.

I Didn't get a Starter Pack When I started the game!

This is an uncommon occurrence that happens from time to time when you first log into the game.

If you find that you have no starter deck, and you've checked the Deck Manager please contact support by creating a ticket here indicating in the Question section which faction's starter deck you would like to start with (Academy, Inferno, Haven, Necropolis, Sanctuary, Stronghold).

See the bottom of this FAQ for a guide on how to create your ticket.

I lost a card (I've been away from the game and just come back, where are my cards?)!

A common misunderstanding for older players returning to the game after a long break before the introduction of Base Set 2 and the Standard/Open Formats.

When viewing your cards in the deck builder, you can adjust the 'Advanced' Filter to show only Standard or Unusable cards. Additionally, when creating a deck change the Deck Validation to the Open format to be able to select and use cards from outside of the Standard Format.

I'm missing MSVCR110.dll!

MSVCR110.dll is part of the Microsoft Visual C++ re-distributable, which is an integral part of allowing MMDoC to run.

To fix this issue follow the following instructions:

Option 1 - Install the re-distributable from the client installation directory
1) Navigate to your game's installation directory (For the Windows copy and paste the following to reach the default installation directory: %appdata%\Ubisoft\MMDoC-PDCLive\GameData\Redist

2) Run the file vcredist_x86.exe

If this option does not work try one of the following two options

Option 2 - Download the current distributable
1) Visit the Microsoft download portal here

2) Download the x86 package

3) Run and follow the installation instructions

Option 3 - Reinstall the game client
1) Uninstall the game client, and ensure that the installation directory is empty

2) Restart the PC

3) Download the client here

4) Right click the installer and run as an administrator keeping the default settings during the installation process

I want to create a Support Ticket

Creating a Support ticket to our team couldn't be easier, just follow the instructions below to get in touch and have we'll get back to you!

1) Visit the Ubi Support portal here

2) Click [My Questions] in the upper left

3) Click on [Ask a Question] on the top row

4) Select the platform on which you play MMDoC (PC/iPad etc.)

5) Select Might and Magic Duel of Champions from the Product list

6) Give the ticket a subject name, make this clear and concise so that the Support Team can see at a glance what the issue is, this helps get your tickets answered quickly

7) Include a description of your problem, keep it clear and explain what the problem is, where possible include relevant screenshots