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    Why don't fixed bugs?..

    I still can't play the Homm3 hd.
    I played the game by ipad mini1.
    Crashes within 2 minutes every time!!
    Please, fixed the bugs...
    I hope to play the Homm3 HD..
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    Map Editor

    Made a map in the Map Editor and it won't show up in the map selection area. It's meant to be a multiplayer allies map, since there isn't any new ones since 1998.
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    Ranged units can't shot

    First of all I'd like to say that Heroes III is a great game, and a great work repainting all of it's graphics in HD was made - it looks awesome and very familiar.
    But there is a bug that ruins everything, making a game literally unplayable. You cannot use a ranged attack, double tap opens creature information instead. This bug was mentioned in this thread several times (probably related with battle performance), but it still exists in 1.1.5.
    Of course, you can somehow try to play without archers at all, or send them to melee attack only... but hey, I've got better things to do. Please, please, Ubisoft, give someone a task to deal with it - I guess it will not be so easy to fix battle performance - but it's worth it. Might be a feature to turn off animation will improve a situation. You will give a second wholesome life to a really good game!

    PS Android 4.2.2., TI OMAP4470, 1024 Ram
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    Black screen on Galaxy Tab S

    Bought this today on my Galaxy Tab S, the game starts up with music and sound in the background but the screen is completely blank. Based on what I can hear tapping the screen does effect the game but of course I cannot see what's happening. From browsing internet it sounds like an issue with the latest Android release, Lollipop. I've refunded the game now but will definitely re-purchase if this is fixed. Big shame.
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    Crash dump

    Crashes to desktop "exception" after few rounds. I have read that dump file helps, here it is:
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    Retreating Heroes do not show up in Tavern

    When a Hero retreats, he/she should show up the next day in the town's tavern. That's not the case right. Retreating heroes are, as far as I can tell, gone from the game.
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    Today game crash every time when you do any single move.Yesterday all was fine,friday Steam dosend workWell look like STEAM IS BEST CRAP SUPPORT SYSTEM TO USE FOR YOUR GAME!!!
    Could say get your HOMM3 HD on UPLAY SYSTEM
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    Can't start at all

    Okay, so I can't start the game at all. All it does is show if I want to play, start the tutorial or the map editor
    What do I do?
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    Hi FantasyLover20 and welcome to the forums, please open a ticket with our Support Team https://support.ubi.com including a DxDiag report and MS Info.

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    Tablet Version- Unpacking Files

    Hello, I recently purchased a copy of HOMM3 through Google Play (which stated it was compatible with my device) for the RCA Voyager 2 Tablet.

    However, when I try to run it, it presents a loading bar stating it is "unpacking files"
    sometimes it makes it through up to two screens of that, then presents an error "Unpacking Files Failed"

    I would either like information on how to fix this problem, or instructions on how to get a return on the cost of the game.
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