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    Hi Stevegehring and welcome to the forums, please contact our Technical Support Team https://support.ubi.com

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    Dwarven Treasury crash in iOS

    I'm running the latest iOS version (1.2.0 updated 20-Jan-2016) on an iPad Air 2. A couple of issues I've found:

    1) It always seems to crash for me after I defeat the dwarves in the Dwarven Treasury. It's happened every time I've tried it in two different scenarios.
    2) There doesn't seem to be any way to view the enemy hero's stats in combat? If you tap once, you get the question mark pointer icon, tap again and nothing...

    Love this game, by the way!
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    Moats in any type of the castle, dont give damage for units, just stoped them (ios ver of game 1.2, ipad air 1)
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    Lack of support

    Is this game not being supported anymore? Last update for homm3 hd on iOS was in January 2016!!! Since then lots of bugs and constant crashes haven't been fixed. Are you going to do something about it? Need urgent reply.
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    Defective Mana Vortex

    Sometimes when you build a Mana vortex, it doesn't work.

    I have 2 dungeon towns. I built a mana vortex in my 2nd town, that one works.
    I then built a mana vortex in my 1st town, that one doesn't.

    I'm using the iPad version of HOMM3, I still have the save file if you want it for debugging purposes. If you do, please send me a PM with instructions, because I'm not subscribed to this thread.

    Edit: I see what the problem is: It only works for the first hero to visit it that week. I think it's supposed to work once per week per hero, right?
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    Regarding Archangels and Badge of Courage

    I've recently purchased the Steam HD version of HOMM3

    Regarding the Archangels,
    Happened in more than one battle
    After using wait; The Archangel(s) doesn't get to act, instead, when everyone else finishes the round, a new round is declared
    So the Archangel's wait, becomes similar to a 'defend' , without getting a defense bonus
    Happened while equipping Cape of Velocity, and also without it

    Regarding the Badge of Courage artifact;
    While fighting an enemy hero equipping it;
    I could neither cast Berserk or Blind on their units
    On a forum i read, it has been reported that it also renders user's unit immune to mind altering spells, as well as frenzy
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    Liches and archliches both have the (not sure what it's called in english) death cloud attack in their description and both play the corresponding animation, but only the lich actually triggers the effect. Normally, only the archlich should trigger the effect, show the animation and have that in their description.
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