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    lil old me

    hi there, i`d like to introduce myself ...
    Nickname: S8TERN
    Reason for nickname: i like the planet, and i wanted to make a unique name that everyone will remember, so leet speak was the way to go. ... right ??!
    Age: 36 atm (i know .... old right ??!)
    Occupation: Document Controller (AKA. Miracle Maker) and freelance novice youtuber and hopefully novice programmer
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Anything gaming and film oriented, drawing, heavy reading, light writing.
    Location: Egypt

    that's it i guess ....
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    Nickname: Ganet
    Reason for nickname: Cycled through a lot of names but settled on Ganet. Not sure why but I liked it. Doesn't help I'm likened to a gannet bird at times but I only learned of the bird three years after I chose the name. Suppose while studying animals I kinda glanced over birds in favour of reptiles. =w=
    Age: 23 (Birthday is January 19th)
    Occupation: Currently Kitchen Porter. Not a great job but till I can find something else it'll do for now. Only got it a month ago.
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: I look after three reptiles (a corn snake, plated lizard and leopard gecko), played my fair share of games since I found out what a computer was at age... I dunno... 4 or 5? Whenever my parents got a computer, speculating on games (yes it's a sad painful thing I inflict on myself) and dabble in amateur philosophy.
    Location: Britain

    Experience with Games: My first game was the very first heroes of might and magic. I loved that game to pieces... can't remember much else after that one or before. Terrible memory but I ended up with a gameboy in my hand and pokemon silver as a kid. Played outdoors of all places. Along the line though I've played various games. In no particular order Age of Mythology, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim (which I'm afraid to say I'm growing increasingly impatient with bethesda over for reasons plain as day), Spyro original, spyro trilogy, crash bandicoot, divinity 2 ego draconis, divinity dragon commander, spore (sob), Divinity original sin 1&2 (2 you beautiful masterpiece!), Age of empires series, rise of nations, rise of nations: rise of legends, Stellaris, red faction:geurilla. I'm gonna stop there. I could go on forever. But you get the point.
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    Great topic !

    Nickname: Ive007
    Reason for nickname: Easy one
    Age: 34. 35 on Feb 6th 1985 (same day as Bob Marley )
    Occupation: Work
    Studying: To complicated to explain
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Most of my time i playing Anno 1800 and listen to music.
    Location: Belgium
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    it seems like its a cover latter or resume like something when I don't have any thing special in my profile to share its "jacob" only form Brooklyn
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    Привіт всім українцям на цьому форумі! Хто є на форумі додавайте мене в друзі. Буду радий дружньому спілкуванню. Про себе: люблю космонавтику(журнал ВПВ), астрофізику(по трохи вчу), ігри на космічну тематику(всі жанри). Звісно дитяча мрія зробити космосім своєї мрії. Але зараз пріоритети трохи інші: навчання та сім'я.
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    i am beyond.one

    Nickname: beyond.one
    Reason for nickname: "beyond" part is coming from BGE2, included "one" which means BGE2 will be my number one game when released.
    Age: 35+ probably same age with Gabrielle Shragger
    Occupation: Translator, self-employed entrepreneur
    School: graduated years ago
    Gender: male
    Hobbies: humor, sci-fi
    Location: Istanbul
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    My name is Kashat, I am 22 years old. I play games on my Risen 3 2200G with built-in VEGA 8 graphics.
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    Your right this was much needed thread mate!
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