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    I always look for one of these threads in a forum, but since the forum had some problems last month... I couldn't find one...

    Basically this thread is used to let everyone know some information about yourself... such as age, occupation, hobbies, gender etc. Totally voluntary of course, but it'll help everyone get to know each other and find similarities... and hopefully, people can make more connections and friends.


    Nickname: Kip/Kip0r/Kipsta
    Reason for nickname: Weird sleeping patterns, including insomnia. In the UK "kip" means to get some sleep or "to sleep" e.g. "dude, you look tired, go and get some kip". I also know in Holland, "kip" means chicken.
    Age: 21. 22 on June 4th 2004 (same as angelina jolie )
    Occupation: Student and freelance graphic/website designer.
    Studying: Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Computer Science leading to MA in Game Design.
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Anything art oriented... and the 3G's (games, girls, and guns). Aside from that; learning piano and guitar, just getting into philosophy and quantum physics.
    Location: England

    That's it really. Post as much or as little about yourself as you like/feel comfortable with.

    Happy posting!

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    Cool topic

    Nickname: Bitebug2003
    Reason for Nickname: Huge Final Fantasy Fan, I tend to use weird names I come across in those games. I have used a few others but Bitebug sort of stuck. I added the year I joined Ubi Forums.
    Occupation: PC Tech (A+ Certified) I teach also but not in a professional capacity - That's more of a hobby.
    Studying: With PC's one always studies new technology.
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Apart from Gaming, I love my music, I devote alot of time helping people with their computer literacy and I spend alot of time caring for my budgies.
    Location: Britain


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    nickname: Denden666Piek, originally Denden 100 Piek.
    Age: 17
    gender: male
    country: Holland

    I started with gaming for about ten years ago on my gameboy. I became a serious gamer about 5 years ago, when I got my first pc and psx. I switched from Sony to Nintendo when I bought the Gamecube last year. I love the Gamecube, I have a serious passion for gaming ever since I bought that thing. Favourite games are Metal Gear Solid(so I'm very happy with Twin Snakes), The Sims, Final Fantasy VII, Zelda The Wind Waker, Deus Ex and Beyond Good & Evil. Before I started to become a serous gamer, I was a movie freak(still am) and I loved a good and complex story(still do). So when I became a gamer, my favourite games were those with a good story and much influence from movies. Beyond Good & Evil is the first game I already loved before it was even clear to me what kind of game it was really going to be. I fell in love with the first couple of screenshots I saw, and I got excited with the little information there was about this game. I watched the game closely, and now it's one of my favourite games, just like I already knew for certain a long time before release. I love a game like Beyond Good & Evil, because it also could have been a beautiful movie with a great story, characters, and good 'acting', but it still succeeds to be a wonderful and above all playable game. I'm a very serious gamer(although not a very good one), I love my hobby more than anything else(except for movies, my family and my friends of course).
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    Nickname: FALCON / FALCON2K / FALCON2K4
    Reason for nickname: "Falcon" and hawk (eagle) always be my favourite animals, but i prefer the "falcon" word... the "2k4" it's about the year i subscribe UBI forums...
    Age: 20 (21 in 31th May!!! )
    Occupation: "Business man"?? (I don't know how to write, but I have my own business)
    Studying: Engineering in Telecomunications
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Computer (hardware and software), music and tecnology...
    Location: BRASIL!!!


    Yeah, my english is bad cause I'm...

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    Here is mine:

    Nickname: Clomer (I put the 1 in because Clomer wasn't available... grrr), I also managed to nab the name "Shauni" on Warcraft 3's Lordaeron realm.
    Reason for nickname: Now this is a long history. I first used the name back in 1987 when I got F-19 Stealth Fighter for my parents' 386. I wanted a cool codename, and "Clomer" is what my 7 year old brain came up with. However, I didn't actually use it online until a few years ago. For a while, (when I first started going online on local BBS's in 1991) I went by "Link" from Zelda fame, but when Ocarina of Time came out in 1998, the number of "Link"'s on the internet grew exponentially and I got sick of competing for the name. So I decided to change to something else, and remembered the name I had used in F-19.
    Age: 24 (8 December 1979)
    Occupation: Student studying to become a classical musician (I play the cello)
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Music and video games, mainly.
    Here's a new category: Gaming experience: I have been playing video games since the release of the NES in 1986, and have been a loyal Nintendo fan ever since. I own all 4 major Nintendo consoles (NES, SNES, N64, GCN), and in fact have all but the N64 hooked up to my TV right now. My favorite game is Beyond Good and Evil (not a big surprise for me to say that here, but I would say so on other game's forums too), other favorites include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime for consoles, and WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne and StarCraft: Brood War for computer.
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO

    Intelligent responses welcome, flames will be met with marshmallows.
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    _Nickname:_ Shanui
    _Reason for nickname:_ I wanted Shauni but I misspelled it and found an alternative.
    _Age:_ 13
    _Occupation:_ 7th grader
    _Gender:_ Female
    _Hobbies:_ Music, TV, gaming, internet, oomputers, the usual kid stuff
    _Gaming experience:_ ever since I was a kid I loved playing computer games. a few years ago I upgraded myself to shoot-em-ups and then I've just sort of lept around. My personal preference is games like BG&E and shoot-em-ups but with an actual plot and a point.
    _Location:_ WI (and hating it)

    â"”ShaunI UnexplaineD
    My BG&E Fansite
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    Awesome post, its great to see who my posting friends are. Shanui, your site, Shauni unexplained is incredible, and your 13?!?!?! now thats some darn talent if ive ever seen it...
    anyways, on to me:

    Nickname: Lynx-0- (Just say Lynx, i had to use the -0- cuz Lynx was taken. thanks a lot Chrono Cross
    Reason for Nick: Well, back when i got a PC and discovered online gaming, i knew i needed a callsign. I played a ton of Half-Life online, even back then. I used the name TheRock for awhile, and was unsatisfied by my unoriginality. I needed something better. I was talking with my bro one night, and we decided to start a clan, ]UPS[ (United Pimp Service ) we're the most non-serious clan around, we play just to have fun. i got to thinking about one of my fav strategy games, mechcommander. my fav mechwarrior in the game was Lynx, and so i picked that for my name. Many people think i got the name Lynx from Chrono Cross, which is my favorite RPG. not true, i picked Lynx long before that game.
    Age: 18 (19 in June 21, longest day of the year!!!!)
    Occupation: I currently work at a movie theater, GKC Encore Cinemas. Im a projectionist there, so i know all the secrets of the place Being a projectionist is awesome. i work on all the machienery, and i get to watch any of the movies when i want!
    Hobbies:Hardcore gamer, PC tech, programming, graphic arts, photography, studying weapons and aircraft of WWII.
    Gaming Experience:I recieved my NES when i was 4, and ive been gaming ever since. ive owned every major console except for Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast. I discovered PC gaming in my freshman year of highschool, 5 years ago. My first PC was a compaq, 500 mhz AMD processor. i was awesome stuff. I recently bought a new PC, which i keep up to date with the newest tech. I play all generes of games, literally. I own 300 plus games, ive played the best of the best of them. some of my favs (no order): Chrono Cross, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life, Beyond good and Evil, Battlefield 1942, IL2 Sturmovik, Tony Hawks underground, Far Cry, so on.
    PC specs : P4 @ 2.8 ghz, 533 mhz FSB
    764 megs RAMBUS RAM
    128 meg ATI Radeon 9700 pro
    120 gig HDD, soon to be dual 120 SATA drives
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS sound card
    Logictech Z5300 5.1 THX certified surround sound speakers
    17 inch flat screen CRT (death to LCD flat panels!)
    40X write CD-RW drive, DVD ROM drive
    Location:Elkhart, Indiana
    Ect.:Im a student and Indiana Weslyan University (Im not Weslyan...) and im double majoring in 1. Photography and 2. either some form of Computer Information Sciences, or Computer graphics. I love working with computers, and im always the go-to guy in my family when theres a PC related problem. I love photography, im out shooting photos mulitple times a day, which is one of the reasons BG&E was so appealing to me. I post some of my photography here, check it out! CLICK HERE FOR MY PHOTOS! If you visit that site, be sure to register for free and comment on my work! i need constructive critisism! I have faith in Jesus Christ and i live my life as a Christlike example. if any of you have religion-based quesitons, feel free to ask me. I live in a divorced and remarried family, 1 brother, 1 sister, 2 dads, 2 moms... I have a beautiful girlfriend, we've been dating for over a year now. I played trombone in high school, good times.
    Man, this post is getting huge: Yeah, it is.

    Hey guys, just an idea. i think we should start a seperate thread where we could post pictures of ourselves, or something. To me, online friendships benifit when i know what the other person looks like. but then agian, not everyones down with posting images of themselves, lemmie know what you think.

    LOL this seems like a rant! i type too much sometimes... hahaha

    Through Jesus Christ, he has made me FIREPROOF

    [This message was edited by Lynx-0- on Sun May 02 2004 at 11:39 PM.]
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    Okay, Kippahh, I kinda prefer my shy anonymity, but y'all are starting to feel like family, anyway, so here goes: (embarrassed) (BTW, your sig *is* *a w e s o m e*! Verry nice!)

    Handle: sysMangler
    Reason for handle: From the RSX-11M OS internal username on the first graphics system I ever managed (the PDP, below), bestowed by my hilarious, word-mangling sidekick, Abbalooby (wherever you are).
    Occupation: Self-unemployed IT consultant (looking for work). Formerly hardware/software support manger for a digital mapping vendor.
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Getting a life, Becoming a Person (formerly puzzles, astronomy, guitar, dirt bikes, and kites)
    Gaming experience: I was never much into "games," as I considered managing computer graphic systems an all too-consuming game, in and of itself. I remember one trainee, after his first day, remarking, "You mean I get to do this all day, and I never have to put in a quarter?" I did, however, manage to drop a few of my own quarters into Williams' Defender coin-op arcade
    (OMG what a rush! This is it! Sound and all!)
    1st Computer Game: Adventure (DEC PDP-11/70, DECUS tape)
    1st Multiplayer Game: Spacewar (Ibid.)
    1st Mac game: Myst
    1st PC Games: Putt-Putt Joins the Parade (Humongous), Microsoft Space Simulator
    Consoles: Pikachu limited edition N64, PS2
    What drew me into PC/console gaming was my gaming partner/daughter, now age 9. (We've been gaming together since she was two. When my old PC wouldn't handle her games, I built a rig from scratch--a little overkill at the time . Anxious to see what it could do, I got Rainbow Studio's Motocross Madness, and was blown away. Back in the old days, I remember waiting over 24 hours for a single 3D frame to render--weeks for a few seconds of animation from a room full of hardware. Racing my true-physics dirtbike over a textured/shaded digital terrain in real-time blew my mind. When she saw Insomniac's Spyro, I had to get a PS2. Must admit, I enjoyed helping her, especially with Stewart Copeland's soundtrack (former Police keyboardist).
    Location: Texas (formerly Dubai)
    Birthday: Friday the 13th, April
    As a single father, I have found gaming together a good interactive vehicle for quality time, and am always involved. I got BG&E, largely due to the UK.Playstation game selector questionnaire suggestion, and follow-up reviews. I should note the UK site has *far more* BG&E coverage than the US site. I think BG&E is a landmark step in the right direction for the future of interactive gaming and entertainment. I also find its current state quite an enigmatic puzzlement.

    Better stop--more I'd like to say, but this may not be the the best thread. I really hope you'll hit (and enjoy) some of the links I inserted on this brief nostalgic trip down memory-jogger lane. Hmm... I keypunched my first FORTRAN program in 1969.

    Shanui! 13, and you have your own web site! You *go* girl!
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    Okay, since everyone is posting their personal thingies... Here are mine.... ENJOY!

    Nickname: DaDukester
    Why DaDukester : My friends always call me Dukey ( don't ask me why ) But all that **** was taken so I chose this one, I know it sucks but I justed wanted to go to the forums quickly.
    Occupation: I'm still in High School for 3 more years
    Location: Holland, land of the tulips
    Age : 14, 1 spetmber 15 ( My B-Day is the same as my dad's )
    Hobbies: GAMING!! I really have no other live except for gaming, well I skate alot on my Tony Hawk Skateboard.
    Consoles: I had a SNES and a N64 but I sold it I now have a Gamecube with around 30 ( original ) games. I also have a GBA SP and a N-Gage where I have this sweet BG&E wallpaper and you hear the music of BG&E when you fight the Domz guy beneath the lighthouse when someone calls me.

    I also have this very cool promotion stand, board, thing that's almost as high as I am.
    If someone wants a picture I'll send it because I don't have any webspace. ( Or I'm just lazy to get a free website )
    I ruined too much time of your life so I'll stop here. Ciao!
    -edit- almost forgot i'm a male
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    Interresting topic. Nice to now a little more now of you all. Here we go

    Nickname: Jrav
    Age: 22
    Gender: male
    Hobbies: Gaming of course, reading (especially Stephen King) and movies.
    Favourite game: Well, what do you think?
    Favourite book: Bag of bones - Stephen King
    Favourite movie: Back to the future, part 1
    Location: Holland

    I used some other subjects than you all. Hope you'll don't mind. Peace
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