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    There is two way how get the items
    win the club competition and you get the item for free
    the locked items will be unlocked after 2 - 3 days (several days) i think and you must buy it
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    God damn it. This is why i got a think that i will play after AC series as pirate. They take our money and don't give us proper contents!
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    So the last item has been unlocked..... the heavy weapon. Without offering us the fun of the last competiion, and with no word or sign from ubisoft that this was what they planned. You know ...... shame on you ubisoft. Not a great way to treat your customers. I didn't care about the weapon, but I do care about losing a week of fun.

    And apparently no multiplayer in Syndicate. You do realise that the multiplayer aspect extended the life of the game? Ah well. meh. No preorder then..... maybe no sale either.
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    yep, the last CC weapon unlocked without having the last CC. i just hope the Napoleonic Hood unlocks next week like it should for all non CC winners.

    i really hope the ubi devs didnt forget to unlock the last piece of gear(the Napoleonic Hood). its still not unlocked for non-club comp winners. its been a LONG 5 months and still waiting for the LAST item to unlock(they should have just unlocked it with the Officer's Bardiche)
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    no club competition anymore right?

    any new competition since last weapon unlocked?

    ubi gave up ac unity already?
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    Can't orginise a club With no communication

    Can't talk to anyone in game multi player no way to achieve with out communication .
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    Cheaper assassin"s creed

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