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    AC Rogue Remastered Game Breaking Glitch Templar Armour

    I just get the 24 templar fragment to unlock the templar outfit, after i get it, fast travel in the atlantic north and when it loaded I have no control over anything, I can look around but no buttons will work, I can't even access the map. The ship keeps going off the map without letting me control it. Please fix this bug.
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey Davidzmx
    Has this happened since, or was it an isolated incident? Would you be able to share video footage with us
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    I have also had this issue. I opened a thread about it and posted a video there.

    The bug happens anytime I am in the north Atlantic. If I load a previous memory in the north Atlantic, then I can't move, but if I load a previous memory in new York or river valley, no problem. Once I exit the memory, then the problem starts again.
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    Hey Jarclanan,

    Please refrain from posting about the same issue in multiple threads.

    I've raised this issue to the team and they are investigating it further.
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