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    They've done it to me twice now. One key bought on kinguin, the other on ebay. Both banned, the first after a month, the other after 3 weeks. So I'm a paying customer and I'm being punished by not being able to play a game I bought, while someone who has pirated it, is now playing while we sit here complaining about Ubisoft's way of doing business. Oh the irony !!!
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    List of official retailers?

    Yea, nobody has seen a list of official retailer, so Ubisoft should have a better explanation for this.
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    this is the calm before the storm.and if this will not be roslved i'll NEVER BUY an ubisoft title ever again this is BS
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    I agree with everyone.

    I still think that this practice must be discussed mainstream, as suggested before.
    Spread the word on your FB, and so on.

    This is not best practice by any standards of a corporation.
    They are taking it too far and we, as customers, have to react to this.

    If the keys are STOLEN, we understand the situation and have to ask the retailer for refund.
    If those keys were bought legitimately, therefore being paid for in full to Ubisoft in one country or another,
    I think it's a free market and we can buy those keys from whomever we want. (especially with known retailers like Kinguin).

    And i cannot stress enough the fact that for me, it's even the only way to buy a legit key without having the game in a language I don't speak, as I am an expatriate.

    Please spread the word.
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    Iīm on the same boat here.

    As I said on other threat Iīm afraid they donīt care too much about us or what we will say. They already took the decision of deleting our games like if we were thieves.

    I can understand thatīs just a business decision, a disastrous one, indeed. Not to their bank account of course but their image.

    I`ve bought all the Assasins saga all the way up to Unity, watchdogs, silent hunters etc... bought many Ubisoft games as they can see in my profile. I donīt want this post to be seen as a threat post saying that I wonīt buy any more games from ubisoft, because itīs not. Itīs simply a disappointment shout as a client with this company.

    I`s easy, I`ve bought the game and Ubisoft has decided I donīt deserve to play it. Really, I donīt care their problems with the reseller, itīs not my problem, but Ubisoft has decided that is my problem. Ok they have deeply disappointed me as a company.

    So as I understand that is only business decision, I hope they understand that Iīll avoid a company in the future that feels free to delete my bought games, and of course Iīll spread the word to friends and on forums to avoid a company that deletes bought games, I donīt care if they are bought from G2A or Ubishop, next thing can be they delete them because you change many things in the options menu.

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    now i know why my far cry 4 was deleted from my library.
    nice move ubisoft.
    why didnt you send me an email, that you are going to delete the game from my library.

    a small message whith the reason for all owners who are affected of the situation isnt to much.

    bye bye ubisoft...i never buy a game again, because maybe youīll delete it again......

    and to all guys who are in the same situation like me....i feel with you guys
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    What the hell ubisoft?

    Is that why my Far Cry 4 was removed???

    I paid real money for this game. You choose to delete it from my library without any warning or notice. I thought it was a bug. I did not pirate this game. I paid real money for it. If you have issues with 3rd party sellers selling the game, may be you should stop them instead of snatching the product back from the customers hands. This is absolutely ridiculour and a law-suite worth scumbag act.

    OMG! you guys are unbelievable!

    I was about to buy Far Cry 4 along with AC Unity from steam during their winter sale for around $44-$50 each? but i was a bit late in the checkout process at the last day and by the time I got my debt card working the sale was over. I sent a long email to steam support about this. After I couldn't buy it for that discounted price from steam, I paid about $10 more to get it from cjs cd keys.


    and now you chose to remove that game from my account? I rarely play single player games a lot and this one I loved. put 22 hours in and enjoyed a lot. I bought it even though my country (Pakistan) has 10% the buying power of US and other markets. And now you expect me to pay again for this??

    UN Friggin BELIEVABLE.
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    Is there actually any precedent to this way of doing business?
    I personally feel it is highly illegal if let's say I buy a hammer at walmart and the company who produces the hammer sneaks into my house and takes it back, because that's exactly what Ubisoft did here. No notice to anyone and they removed digital property from us that we paid for.

    The only right in my mind that Ubisoft has is to legally restrain the retailers from selling their content. They seem to damn well know who the retailers are at least.
    There is no way in hell this is legal.

    I honestly didn't think it could come to this, but today is the day I notice that Ubi has sunk lower than EA. /golfclap
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    watch dogs banned too...

    While i didint buy farcry 4 .. I did buy watch dogs a day ago from g2a and found out today it was banned!... While watch dog forums no-buddy is saying anything about it on there it seems like ubi soft is banning every key thats bought on g2a....

    What i don't get is steam or even orgin i haven't seen them banning any keys from g2a. So why are you doing it ubi? If you don't know even streamers support g2a even Swifty which is one of the biggest world of Warcraft streamers.

    And why ban the keys days or even months after it was put in ? instead of banning it when it was first put in?

    Yea this is pretty shady. I hope something gets solved.
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    So they ban your game if you buy it outside of your region? Where is my freedom to buy things where i please? I have purchased the game today and i cannot even launch it.
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