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    Concerning Far Cry 4 removal from our libraries - Open letter

    Dear Ubisoft,

    Like a lot of people present on this forums,
    I have been playing your games for year, enjoying the experience of most of them.

    I played trough all AC franchise (which I have part on Steam, part on Uplay), I played also all Far Cry, bought in the past on physical disc and now,
    for FC 3 and FC 4, I had to buy it digitally, as, being an expatriate belgian in Poland, the boxes versions in this country are exclusively in Polish, which is not possible to play correctly for me, since I don't master that language. I speak french and english, so if one of those languages are present in the game, I am very glad to play it that way.

    So, because of this, and the fact that my Steam application keeps the Euro rate, even in Poland, I find myself with the obligation to buy the game from 3rd party retailers, as I cannot afford on a polish pay (Euro is 4x the polish currency, which would make me pay a game like FC4 in Poland, in english, the equivalent of 200 Eur...).
    EDIT: That is not exactly 4x, but most of you get my point.

    I use Kinguin as they always provided me cd keys that work and give me what I want for a price that seems fair (around 30-40 Eur/games, which fits what I would pay in Poland for the game in the polish language).

    I possess both AC Unity and FC4 and let's be honest, your company ripped off players with both those games, selling products that were in no way ready for release.
    I think you know as well as me that if you buy a TV that is not working correctly, you give it back to the retailer and get a refund or a new one that works.
    I suppose everyone reading this post will agree

    Now, FC 4 was deleted from my games, and the key banished.
    If I understand correctly, you did not distribute those keys to those retailers.
    Let me tell you, I am close to 30, and I have been working for a long time in a financial department of a large company that deals with vendor and customer requests.
    I have never seen anywhere that the right to use a product was taken away from a customer when not sold directly by the company to an "official" retailer.
    Say that I buy a Smartphone from "Samtung" (mistake intended to not cite a brand directly) here a little bit less expensive than in Belgium and I decide to sell it in Belgium for a small profit. Doesn't Samtung make money out of the phone I bought, even though I make a little in the process as well?
    So should the person I sold it to in Belgium have Samtung people ringing at his door and taking away the phone?

    This is an outrageous and ridiculous way of doing business.
    And don't you think as I do, that maybe those people who actually PAY for the game (even though Ubisoft will make a few bucks less in Poland because I bought the game from...I don't know, a...hungarian original retailer), will, in time, in frustration, after that sort of strategy and behaviour, after the way you made people buy not-finished games, will stop buying them at all or keep using less scrupulous retailers to get what they want? And nobody wants that.

    I think, Ubi, that you seriously need to take a step back and seriously rethink your way of doing business, if you don't actually want to really loose money (because I suppose also that in America...lawsuits are coming).

    For my part, Far Cry 4 was my last Ubisoft game. I had a good fun, mostly with AC,Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Splinter Cell (I bought all of them legally), Watch Dogs, Resident Evil 4, all the Tom Clancy games ( I also possess most of them), The Settlers (same), Brother in Arms (same), and so on.

    Too bad you are taking your customers as what we call "vache-à-lait" in french.

    I don't salute you and I hope that you will, in time, face the consequences of your actions.

    An ex Ubisoft fan.

    EDIT 2: Go in page 57, as it seems that Ubisoft decided to give us back our game. Thanks all for spreading the word,
    and thanks Ubisoft for caring, at least this one time.
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    I approve of this post. You've said it better than I ever could.

    A fellow belgian
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    Originally Posted by snakeman9727 Go to original post
    I approve of this post. You've said it better than I ever could.

    A fellow belgian
    Hi there, where from?
    I live in Poland but I come from Virton, south of Belgium
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    Originally Posted by slump3r Go to original post
    Hi there, where from?
    I live in Poland but I come from Virton, south of Belgium
    Je suis flamand, pas loin de Gand (nord du pays).

    To address this issue we're having: I too do not condone the way Ubisoft is doing business by pissing off their customers.
    Let it be heard that we won't stand for it anymore, Ubisoft was a great company, they made some classy games way back, then it became clear they're just as greedy as other multi-million dollar corporations. I won't be buying another product of theirs again. Unless they come with some sort of announcement on the why, and hopefully a solution.
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    Een collega!
    Ik drink voor mijn land, dat ik mis! (mon NL n'est pas très très bon, désolé )

    Well, I understand that in this case, the retailer must also verify its sources our guarantee that it comes from legitimate front (as I paid anyway nearly 45 Eur for this).
    I understand also that they estimate the price of their games, it's the market value "law", on what people earn in every region of the world.

    But in my case, buying the game in polish costs indeed...30 Eur, but it's all in polish...and if I want Eng, I must pay, if I want to stay legal, this:

    https://twitter.com/pa_belgian/statu...287616/photo/1 which means in the conversion rate of Poland, today: 252,19 PLN.

    To give you an idea, the cost of life is 4x under Belgium in Poland, the salaries as well (even in my position I earn less then 1500 eur, which can provide for 3 people in here).
    So basically, it is as if I would have to buy a game at more or less 200 Eur in Belgium. What a joke.

    So yes; I choose a third party retailer, which, I believe is not strictly illegal, but just "frowned upon" by the editors, because they loose a few bucks digitally.
    But yes, I've had it as well, as we are already paying A LOT of money for NOT FINISHED products.

    I am actually considering a lawsuit at this point.
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    And for good measure,

    let's also notice that they did not announce this before and didn't warn anyone about the potential problem.
    Like we are all criminals waiting to screw them over.

    I actually have a library of physical discs that contains a majority of Ubi games.
    If I would treat my customers/vendors this way, and my people would too, my company would be out of business since a long time,
    but it seems that Editors don't get trouble for screwing people over.

    Well, no more.
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    it needs to hit mainstream news
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    Originally Posted by Suikafox Go to original post
    it needs to hit mainstream news
    Yes it does,
    the problem is that most mainstream videogames magazine and websites are forbidden to publicize for such 3rd party retailers.
    I would really like to know why. But please, do spread messages over the FB page of Ubi, the forums of your favorite videogame website and so on, it's the only way to spread it.
    Writing everywhere we can.
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    What Ubisoft are doing is nothing but greedy asshat behavior, sorry for the harsh word but there is NOTHING okey with this. Both Kinguin and G2A sells good keys, for a good cause and they are two of the largest online site for digital keys, for Ubisoft to even consider calling these companies non legit sellers is a insult in itself.

    If im correct in this, witch I may not be, then all keys for the game have been generated by Ubisoft from the start, then distributed to various places around the world, be it for gift codes in purchase of hardware, cheaper keys for certain countries due to VAT or whatnot, they all needed to be supplied by Ubisoft to start with?

    Now, when some keys have been bounced around, perfectly legit keys that they themselves made or authorized to be made from the start lands at two of the biggest retailers online, Kinguin and G2A that manage to sell the keys cheaper then what Ubisoft offers then all of a sudden those keys are not valid anymore and banned. Keys that you Ubisoft DISTRIBUTED! Then when we come to you, ask for help and some clairty on this the only thing you have to offer your fans, the backbone of your company, the pillar upon you still have any sort of income the only thing we get is to ask the retailers for a refund.

    Your openly punishing your fans for supporting a game, buying keys that you yourselves have put on the market.
    I don't even know if I can go to a local gamestore anymore and purchase one of your titles from there, what is banned and what isnt? who are your official retailers?
    If this is how you handle business then you could at least supply us with a list of valid retailers.

    I can only speak for myself but im done, im not purchasing another Ubisoft title if this is how you handle your customers.
    And yes, I do hope that this hits media and you get the crap you deserve for the way you do business.
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    And the most annoying thing is that they remove your game on friday evening. The next morning you try to put in your key and it says that you need to contact the support which won't react till monday. Isn't that the most stupid thing which you can think of to do to your customers?
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