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    If you offer Club Competitions, at least make sure the scoring is consistent

    To clarify, half the time the "vaulting down" thing doesn't register at all, it is very random. If you get multiple kills of a type in rapid succession they do not count after the first until the notification has disappeared (like quick shot, ironically) and while reading the Assassin point database entry, I discovered there is a type of kill that is NEVER rewarded called "Signature kill". You do the signature kill with square on a downed enemy, however you never get the points.

    Also a small annoyance is that my club of 2 is now pitted VS a group of 20 after winning all our club competitions. Not really fair, but oh well. We beat a group of 8 before I guess..
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    Yeah sometimes the finishers don't reward me or the quickshots. Signature kills are just finisher kills I believe. At least that's how they work on the Initiate site. I'd do finishers and that would fill.
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