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01-21-2015, 11:06 PM
First off, I'd like to start by saying that I am indeed a huge fan of the series AND I own all AC games ever released on PC. I love the franchise, though I have become somewhat disappointed by the direction in which it is currently heading. I don't know if Ubisoft employees actually read the forums in search of opinions - if you do, this is one of them. A long one.

The modern day story and the first civilization plot was what made me love the series in the first place. Why, you ask? Because nobody has ever come up with such a daring and fascinating story, ESPECIALLY not in video games, which were always perceived as cheap entertainment for less intelligent part of the young population. Something to empty your mind and keep it entertained, just like TV does with people that are one generation older than we are, for instance with our parents (I'm assuming most of the community are people aged 15-30). And yet here you were, Ubisoft, with a story both daring and inducing deep thoughts. The series did, in a smart way, reflect today's world problems. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but I am more than certain that the subtle way of how the franchise dealt with things like private banks, elite people in control of money, the freemasons, FED and bilderberg group was no coincidence. Whoever wrote the game, whoever came up with the modern day story is a smart person capable of distinguishing what is a 'conspiracy theory' in terms of something being just a theory and what's actually happening in today's world. First I thought the series was a king of warning containing deeper messages, later I understood that it is just a subtle way of telling an alternate story of today's troubled world. Having said all this, I found the thought beneath the very core of the story smart enough to keep me loyal to the series. You wouldn't believe how much digging I've done over everything connected to AC storyline. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I tried to tell you that.

I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that it all ended with Unity.The modern day story is almost completely gone. Even though Black Flag left some cliffhangers that could have been continued in later games, Unity did nothing to move the modern day story forward. The abstergo entertainment messages that can be unlocked by doing rift missions are all there is.
I am not a hater who moans and bi****s on the game promising never to buy another Ubisoft game, then a few months later pre-orders the next title. This is not another 'complain' thread. I am just saying that this is not nearly enough to keep us, the loyal part of the community that sticks with the series from its very beginning, fascinated with the series. This is really, REALLY bad when your most hardcore fans cannot get hyped for the next AC game. And after Unity that's exactly what is happening. The thought of playing Victory does not excite me. I am not saying I will not buy it - I will, and anyone who says otherwise and then still does buy the game is a sad and pathetic piece of customer ;) People like that are the reason why there are microtransactions in the game - something I will absolutely never give into. Though that is the type of customer that generates the most revenue for the company: rich & dumb.

Yes, I feel a little offended by the fact that I, a PC gamer, am treated as a second-class category customer by Ubisoft, even though my platform is infinitely superior to consoles. I do not like the fact that I am automatically treated as a potential thief, so the company does not care about my platform at all, releasing bad ports of the game which E3 previews always run on PC. I hate the fact that after ACB, Ubisoft never did make a good AC port, even though it is promised to us every single time. I also hate that I am forced to still wait for Rogue and that in 2014 Ubisoft copied EA's strategy of quantity above quality. Instead of a good, long AC game we got a buggy, poorly optimized game that moved the modern day story nowhere, as there was no time to properly finish the game with Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, AC Rogue and The Crew all being released the same year. I hate all that, but I still remain loyal to the series. My patience may be running thin and I may no longer be hyped for the next AC game, however I will still buy it for at least two more years. If nothing changes and the game keeps moving towards satisfying the younger and dumber part of the population that finds the plot that goes over their head frustrating, I am not sure that I will still stick around.

Last, but not least, though I understand I am in the minority here, I cannot help but write about this. The fact that your games look gorgeous is great. But why is it at the expense of the performance? I am one of these people who literally don't give a broken shoe about graphics. They could have been no better that AC1 graphics and I wouldn't care. It just doesn't matter to me, as long as I find the story and gameplay worthwhile. I understand that in order to stay competitive on the video games market your games need to have great graphics, but so what if 75% of PCs cant handle them? Last year you released five BIG titles: Unity, Rogue, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4 and The Crew. Then you release DLCs to them. And on top of that, you don't optimize your games - why? Because of your agreements with Nvidia to boost sales of their latest graphic cards? So now we need to buy new computers or its newest components? Five games, DLCs and new rig? Microtransactions on top of that? Just how much money do you think an average person has?
Your answer may be "if you can't afford it - nobody foces you to buy it". And you would be right. Only that some of us want to buy it, but doesn't have the means to. In that case you lose a customer that would have otherwise bought your product. I am not your employee, nor your shareholder, therefore I care very little about your financial situation. I know you have analyzed the market and seem to know better that I. However, last time I checked, your shares plummeted after the release of Unity. Maybe - just maybe - you should rethink your strategy?

Please do not take my criticism as a sign of another PC player b****ing about everything. I am simply sharing my thoughts with others on the forum. I still love and appreciate the franchise for what it is. If I didn't, I wouldn't bother to write such a long post.

All in all, even though there's a lot going on which I am dissatisfied with, I remain a loyal fan of the franchise and I will continue buying AC titles. For now. Even though I am not hyped for the next release and the direction in which the franchise is currently going disappoints me, I still think Unity was a good game, even though it moved the series backwards in many ways. I look forward to seeing Ubisoft learn from their mistakes. I hope you will.

01-28-2015, 11:11 PM
We definitely appreciate your feedback and support. We will also work on how we can prevent this dissatisfaction from occurring again in the future.

Thank you again. :)