View Full Version : XBOne theJackdaw N.America club looking for daily four player co op! :D

01-20-2015, 05:00 PM
frizzlefried here! theJackdaw is a club based in north america looking for interested players that would like to join in some four player co op fun. from heists to missions to just exploring grand paris! we play to enjoy the game, plain and simple. we play to assist others; understanding that not everyone has collected every sync point yet. having trouble finding that last chest in paris? we can help! we have won four competitions, but only because of our consistent play during the week. xD anywho, if you are looking for an unassuming group that enjoys the game for the fun of the entire experience unity affords, theJackdaw may be for you! feel free to message me or apply to theJackdaw in game by searching our name! cheers! :D

01-20-2015, 10:54 PM
hello again! just a quick post to clarify how to search for theJackdaw on xbox one, due to a few messages!

club name : theJackdaw

club tag : mLzu spelled to read MlZU

gamertag : frizziefried

wins: four consecutive wins!

members : won by eight friendly members!

all are welcome to join. we play for fun, anyone interested may join, and do not require a mic. i trust you know your assassin'ing! xD