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01-18-2015, 10:34 AM
Yo fellow assassins!
So judging by the title it's safe to say that you are also interested in a Kurdish assassin. Well allow me to explain how the idea came about. First of all, do I come from a Kurdish background? The answer to that is yes, but i don't believe this makes me bias because truly I believe that my story could in someway fit in with AC universe. okay so here it goes.
The invasion of the middle east
Okay, for those who know their history, you might already be aware of this. When the ottoman empire collapsed basically the British and french came into the middle east and started taking control of the area...sound familiar? It's well established in the AC universe that Britain and France are huge strongholds in the Templar order, therefore "free land" might seem ideal for these guys. The treaty of Sevres declared for there to be countries in the middle east, one of these were Kurdistan, which obviously never happened. Around the 1920's Shaykh Mahmud Barzinji rebels against British rule and declares a Kurdish kingdom in northern Iraq. Personally i believe that this is a perfect way for the assassins to support the Kurds in efforts to reduce Templar control. This is basically the plot for a bigger story which I will get onto shortly.

Ancient lands
Kurdistan is a very ancient area of the world, maybe too ancient....It turns out that there is a place in Şanlıurfa(inhabited by Kurds for a long time) that has a 12.000 year old civilization!
It's called Göbekli Tepe and some researchers believe that this place is actually the garden of Eden. This get's me thinking, wouldn't this be a major plot for the whole Templar and Assassins conflict? I mean if you think about it, it does make sense.

I see the story being played out during the early 1900's traditionally you would start off as a young child and slowly get sucked into the Kurdish conflict against the British and the conflict with the assassins and templars. Obviously the whole garden of eden thing would play a huge role but a timeline and story is another crucial element. So with all this information thrown at you, what would Ubisoft make of this? Well I'm pretty sure that some of you know how to contact ubisoft better than I do, so if you feel like it could be a great story, then please share this around.