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01-18-2015, 01:22 AM
How it should be.
The choosen mission and heist should not give a money reward at all but a huge amount of creed points. Creed points should also been gained in other mission as normal.
The weapon system should be changed. Now all people use the top tier/ rank weapons. Gives a quick finish. What if we add a creed point bonus to lower tier/ rank weapons and outfits. Lets say all weapons and gear at rank 1 gives a 5% bonus. Tier 2 gives 4% and so on. By using lower ranked gear, which result in higher risk and more point bonus. This would make the game more interesting. A bigger challenge.
The game as it is today is way to easy, and its boring when finishing the story. Co-op missions gets boring too. We keep farming and its plain boring. Give us a real challenge. Something to work for. Today we get 10% bonus if we use a tier/ rank 5 outfit. I dont get why? What is so special about a rank 5 wearable? Makes us more immortal and op. Puts the game in easy mode and lets us farm for hours. That is boring. Let us be rewarded for going hard core. No tough gear. Let us use stealth and fighting skills.

01-18-2015, 11:46 AM
yes something like this would not only solve the boring repetition of the competition... it would add in a skill factor as well. I'd also like to see daily mini game rewards like the most cover kills or hiding spot kills or air assassination in the group in that day... that way even the team in 6th place might win something on one day even if they do not win the weekly competition :D