View Full Version : PS4 [PS4] Assassin's Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC broken?

01-17-2015, 10:54 AM
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Frequency- (How often is it mentioned. How often does it happen to you?)
All the time

Occurrence- Since when does it happen? (This helps identify if it is a Patch or DLC that is the source of the Bug.)
This only happens in Assassins creed Unity Dead Kings

Describe what the issue you've encountered is. - (ex: Activating the game? Issue with a specific part of the game? Mission, achievement, etc.)
The issue thats really annoying me is that when i open up the initiate chest in the first mission that has the gurad of franciade outfit and i put it on and exit the mission and now it doesnt show up in my outfits well it does but its locked when i went back into the mission to get it again the chest was locked and now i dont have the outfit anymore i reset the game and nothing happened its kinda broken every time i try to get it it wont let me the chest is locked and the outfit is locked for good i cant get it

Help us understand the flow? What did you do before this error occurred? A written description is best and include a screen grab if possible. (ex: "When I launch from the desktop it crashes." "I received this error message: Error xx6546")
all i did before the issue was redo the memory to get it cause i thught different parhways opened up and thats when it occured in memory 1 when you chase that guy in the tunnels