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Quaney Owns U
01-17-2015, 10:33 AM
I adored Unity, I hated that a meme could exaggerate a games flaws to the point of a public apology and a gift of free DLC (which was greatly appreciated) I never had any major glitches or bugs, (I got stuck in a wall once and that was the only bug I had for the entire game, ) however the were some problems, not world ending problems but new features that had a negative effect on my experience.
Some of the unlockable items such as the "most expensive sword" actually spoiled the story for me, If a macGuffin weapon is expected to be playable then the eventual outcome of the game's story can be deciphered (it was a spoiler within an in-game menu which isn't right.). Dead Kings has the same problem with all of the items visible and the descriptions causing details to be revealed earlier than i would like, the items should be mysterious to a point, I had no problem on the former games because the items weren't story related and maybe that is a one off feature but still it is a problem.

The game's difficulty has been significantly increased, this was obviously due to fan's outcry however now the fighting isn't as fun, I think it is supposed to be a laborious effort but not from the very beginning on the game. The was no charm there, just worry.

The "non-animus/helix missions" being eliminated was by far the only hard hitting disappointment, this being a full title and not a console exclusive spin off this was a necessity, however without it the game felt like a more expensive "Liberation." Even black flag- while playing as a first person anonymous user still had an outside influence on the story. not just a small "congratulations" voice-over which seemed to be the least passionate part of the game. As I said I adore the game however the series seems to be in a state of development ()which is understandable) and I think fan feedback should be voiced clearly. this is the only way I knew how to give my two cents so if I have broken any forum rules or boundaries I apologize,

Does anyone else have any feedback that could aid a better experience in ASSASSIN'S CREED: VICTORY!?!?!?


01-17-2015, 07:41 PM
I recently had the save game issue. It would show it saving but would not let me sync with the cloud and it wouldn't manually sync saying there was a problem with the save game. If I did it manually it said there was a corrupted file. I was almost done with memory 5 too before this started.