View Full Version : My theory for AC 2016 (minor Dead Kings spoilers)

01-16-2015, 03:17 PM
I recently saw a comment over on Reddit about the prevalence of Egypt being mentioned in Dead Kings. Why did Arno want to go to Egypt? Why did he send the Apple there? I thought it was just fan service (like the requescat in pace thing), but it could also be a hint towards an upcoming game. Here's why:

- Every time a new engine is released we get a bunch of completely new assets, which comes with a new location/continent.

- We were with AC3's engine (which brought in America) for two consecutive years before moving onto the Unity engine, which brought the series back to European assets.

- As we know 2015's game is Vic London, which uses pretty similar assets along with a same engine with some slight tweaks.

- This tells us that 2016 we will probably see a new engine, which means we are almost certainly going to see a new continent.

- Ashraf Ismail said in 2013 he would love to visit Ancient Egypt, and his team is currently developing a game. His game could easily release in 2016

- Egypt is a highly requested setting, so it makes sense, plus it would go back in time (if it's Ancient Egypt) which would make many people pretty interested.

- Lots of easter eggs pointed towards Egypt more than any other country in Unity

- We've seen games being hinted at that are more than a year away. There were easter eggs in AC3 that hinted towards Unity.

So that's my theory. Of course it could all be nonsense, but I did the best I can.