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01-16-2015, 12:52 PM
Hello, my name is Kit and I am scouting for people who would like to join the amazing and undefeated clan: MonteriggioniBrother! Let me get to the point with you; We need people and sooner rather than later. The clan is so far 3 for 3 in competitions. We are currently in the Gold III division and are in need of some assistance due to the rival clans on our tail! I'm on the lookout for dedicated members. I'm not worried about your rank. As long as you can carry yourself, and have fun in doing so, you're good to go! Our clan has yet to be beaten and we would absolutely love to keep it that way; with your help of course! If you are interested apply by messaging me at the gamertag KITONOU, the word: QUICKSHOT! Also, feel free to ask questions about the clan.

We want active players that like having as much fun as we do! You can find us under the clan tag RUN7 if you would like to check us out! Thanks for taking the time, Kit. :o