View Full Version : MonteriggioniBrother Club, 3x Competition Winners 4th coming

01-16-2015, 11:49 AM
I am pleased to announce that the club named: MonteriggioniBrother, is now recruiting for more serious AC:Unity players. We are currently ranked #1 in AC:Unity in terms of Creed Points, i.e. the points you get in order to WIN Club Competitions, and we are going through an overhaul with members. We are looking to gain more people who want to actually contribute to winning each and every Club Competition that comes our way.

As I mentioned, we are currently ranked #1 in Creed Points over the entire AC:Unity game with approx. 1.5million points in total. No other club has even come close to us in this time period, and nor shall they ever get close to us. We take winning very serious and are planning on taking each and every club competition that comes our way.

That is where you possibly come in. We had 33 members, and due to some less than stellar performances we are now down to 13. The application process to this club is simply, just follow these steps:

1.) Add me, firepats12, and send me the message: MonteriggioniBrother
2.) I and my Leader, Kitonou, will invite you to a game
3.) We will put you through 3 trials, they will vary but they are simply different ways to complete Heists/Co-op missions
4.) We will address with you how we think you did after each trial
5.) If you performed well enough I will invite you to the club under a trial period
6.) After the trial period, you will be a true MonteriggioniBrother!

It really is that simple. So, if you would like to be a part of the #1 AC:Unity Club follow those simple steps! Thanks