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01-16-2015, 11:01 AM
1)Leap of faith:
-Leaping over market and stalls that would reduce fall damage at the cost of player reputation among the crowd
-Leaping over NPCs like in AC2 to reduce fall damage (minus that horrible flying jump animation.)
2)Poison blade:
-We should be able to poison ANY food to kill targets.I mean ANY glass of water in the open world rather than just a pre scripted poisoning in a rare mission on a specific bottle.
-Poison darts should come as weapon upgrade rather than a NEW weapon like in Brotherhood.
3)More varied and new assassinations:
-Killing from benches in the 'proper' way like in AC2. AC U has terrible bench kills.
-Shooting with wrist-bows from the middle of a crowd of 6000 shouldn't give away your position like in ACU. In fact,you shouldn't be detcted even if you use a gun. Or maybe the fancy hood gave away Arno's position..
-Add more range to air assassinations. In AC1 it depended upon player's running speed that lifts the momentum to cross greater distance. Sth like that.
-Smoke bomb should allow one hit kills.Gameplay shouldn't be compromised for the sake of stealth. Look at Mark Of The Ninja as an example. They went as far as to make sound faster than lightning to warn players of the approaching thunder. Read their developer commentary that's available in game if you want to know what else they did to enhance stealth gameplay.
-Remove similar useless gadgets.Like the stun bomb and smoke bomb.They have the same effects.
-Add more gadgets for creativity and gameplay variety.Like: Trip-wire mechanics that come as upgrades to smoke bombs and poison bombs (When guards walk over it,it'd trigger an explosion,or a cloud of smoke leaving them open for an attack or release poison killing or knocking them unconscious.
5)Add realism:
-Dead bodies should provoke guards to alert the whole area-thus making players wary and conscious about dragging bodies to hidden locations.They shouldn't ignore a corpse like it was nothing. Because it's a CORPSE. A man's dead and no one cares..that's odd.
-Shooting down ropes that are holding heavy objects should tear them releasing the heavy object to fall down,allowing the player to pull off accidental kills.
-Wearing high quality aristocratic luxury clothes with a hood on top of that should attract a LOT of attention.And add a better disguise option. Like in Hitman Absolution. That works amazingly.

I'll add more.Newer ideas are welcome.

01-16-2015, 12:10 PM
I think to add realism, the player should tire out if they can't defeat an enemy in combat, and thus making combat slower and sluggish