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01-16-2015, 05:49 AM
Hello everyone!

Given that we have this nice little general discussion forum.. I thought I'd 'generally discuss' ACU since I'm curios if it's only me or does anyone else feel the same.

The game looks kind of amazing and this time I actually see a difference between high and ultra settings.. (on some games I just can't tell... maybe it's me).

There is plenty of stuff to do, but I do get a feeling that they sort of went too far with this. Each of the previous games had some fancy collectibles and there was always some of these that was actually 'worth doing' since the reward was huge (altair's armor and stuff for example). This time there is so much more but so much less rewarding it kind of feels like doing chores I mean red chests.. yellow chests... white chests... blue chests.. It basically feels like Paris has been stuffed like a turkey and the map actually looks like someone vomited over it and the best reward is like what? a costume for the artifacts?. (at least they addressed this in dead kings and gave you some weapons).

Also those Nostradamus things look silly.. I didn't even bother with them (did the dead kings version for the sword). I mean.. let's look at previous games.. hidden tombs.. challenging platforming puzzles all that was good.. but riddles? seriously... that's assuming a bit too much in my opinion, you can't expect everyone to think like you do :) especially in a game like this. (for example I did the dead kings riddles... and most of the time I was looking for some hidden meaning or something.. but they were just too blunt and annoying - who reads street signs posted at first floor levels on the side of buildings in video games anyway?....).

Let's talk about combat mechanics. The all mighty counter kills and streak kills have been removed (probably due to the years of non-AC fans making jokes over the internet on how easy AC combat is) -which kind of makes our assassin look like some fancy-dressed joker waving a feather-duster and being abused by guards rather than swordplay.(no worries.. we have medicine to counter that.. now imagine an assassin having a death-fight with a bunch of guards then telling them politely 'Hold on for a second! Need to take my pills!')
Don't get me wrong! I can live without counter kills! In fact I thought I'd try to get every parry and dodge rightly timed to at least have the illusion that my assassin is a bit more than any old guard in the game when it comes to swordplay but.. I bet you know what happens next.. - THEY SHOOT YOU! :D and the worst part is... it actually HURTS! Ever since guns have been added to the game.. (well I could live with davinci's little invention that allowed me to fire a single bullet from my wrist) it just gets worse and worse. Two shots from snipers and you're dead :) Who wants that in a game which should be about stylish combat.. finesse and so on. And I'm not complaining about the difficulty.. there's nothing difficult in being shot at from a roof while you're trying to fight guards on the ground and then using a medicine like nothing happened.. but it simply looks and feels dumb. Laugh all you want but I actually enjoyed being superior in previous installments. Combat had style and you couldn't get enough of it! :)

And don't come with the 'you're not supposed to be spotted, it's a stealth game!'. Thing is.. I hate stealth games - this is the only stealth game I ever liked because it actually felt like you're an assassin waiting in the crowd looking for that opportunity. And if stealth failed, you could handle yourself against anything... it was purely your choice if you wanted to immerse yourself in the world hiding and blending or just run up to your target 'swords blazing'.(Like most players in co-op, since you can do that once you're over-geared) The difference now is that enemies spot you very fast.. I'm standing in the crowd and the guard is yelling at me from the opposite corner of the street.. they must've gotten eagle-vision or something in this game.. You probably noticed that you can't really do a single mission without accidentally being spotted by someone even if you want to.. (And I'm not talking about completionists who retry the mission 4-6 times because it has a bonus of not being spotted - just simply playing it through). So overall I really think stealth is somewhat broken in this game and in case it fails you can't really handle things as stylishly as you could before (oh.. except for the cheater-smoke-bombs :D )

Furthermore it feels silly that weapons are now 'glued to my hands' whether I want them or not.. I cannot equip my good ol' fists and then do disarms (which I really enjoyed) then smack the guard with his own weapon... or that you can't do anything to the crowd (you could steal from them. fight them.. even kill them with altair/ezio at the beginning), I miss the good ol days when I could just punch a beggar in the face, or carry some idiotic guards dead body and dump it in the river. (Also this 'forced to be good' is getting a bit too much, who says assassins can't party? :) I accidentally shoot a civilian and the game wars me I will desync aka. die... ) Also miss the dual hidden blades and combat using those - or a dagger for that matter...

So enough about combat cuz I'll never end this thread if I go on.. soooo much stuff that isn't 'right' with combat. Overall your assassin doesn't feel like an assassin at all.. rather than some lucky punk who can get away with a few stealthy kills.. or a few bullet holes.. nothing like the master assassins in previous games

Let's talk technical.. because I've been seeing a whole lot of people complaining on technical issues...
Well thankfully all I have is the 'game freezes for a number of seconds then resumes' - which is quite annoying and makes me wonder why ubisoft isn't working on a fix for that.. It IS proven and real and definitely a bug with the game. Should be top priority. Also the fact that it's related to hard-disk speeds and doesn't happen with an SSD is a myth.. hard-disk activity is bacically zero during the freeze. (One might assume it could be related to some nvidia technology since strangely most people reporting it had an nvidia card - if anyone has the same with an amd let us know).
Other than that.. co-op is sometimes really strange. Based on how I imagine it, it's done by having one of the players act as a host (as a game server) so you kind of depend on his computer and internet connections. I had invisible people attacking me.. invulnerable enemies.. dropping dead just like that without even being in combat and so on. (Poor design if you ask me. Couldn't they just run a few servers? they got the funds to do it)
Oh and I also had the 'Find Leon bug' in dead kings - thou I got off easy since I reloaded the checkpoint only -not the whole mission as most people had to-.. and despite still not having a quest marker.. I went in search of the boy based on youtube videos and stuff and when I jumped a certain fence the cutscene triggered.

There is a lot of stuff I didn't talk about, mainly because this post is getting way longer than I intended. Overall it's a nice game and despite being visually and immersively better than any of the previous ones, it still remains in their shadows when it comes to mechanics, story and pretty much everything else that can be said about a game.

Lemme know what YOU think! :)