View Full Version : Uplay launcher doesn't work

01-16-2015, 01:50 AM
I just bought AC II on STEAM. The DL went fine, but then when I started the game, at some point I had to log in to an Uplay account. :nonchalance:That's when my trouble started. Finally I log in, only to see the Uplay launcher crash right when it starts up. With the message ; "Uplay.exe stopped working".
In forums I found more having trouble with the launcher, and I tried two different links to re-install the thing, one from a Ubisoft Forum Moderator. It should certainly fix the issue. :p"Great!" I thought. This Moderator also thoroughly explained *how* to first delete the launcher, then how to re-install. I tried closing STEAM and restart. I tried restarting my stationary PC. None of this worked. Same message.

:mad:Altogether very frustrating. What do I do? Should I just try to get my money back from STEAM? I don't really wanna do that, I really wanna play this game...!! Anyone?