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01-15-2015, 04:50 PM
I think it was decent.A 7/10.Enough content and many side missions.But the story again,while not a complete disappointment,was not great again.Here is my mini-review,for the story missions only:
-Gameplay was like ACU.The only differences were the guillotine gun,the raiders and the rats,bats etc.The guillotine gun was actually pretty cool,even though it is a little bit unrealistic.What really bothered me though was the stealth revolving the raiders.I made the mistake to believe what IGN stated about stealth:being he best in the franchise(!!)Actually,it is not even close to ACU.It had NO BLACKBOXES ( :( ) and all you had to do was kill the raider captains.Finally,the puzzles were pretty boring
-The story had some pretty moments and some bad moments.I liked the atmosphere of the first couple of hours,Arno telling Leon to let everything be and protect himself etc.I even liked the Elise thing,although i did not understand where it came from...First civ was nice,although,as Rino stated in his review,the architecture was not great,and the POE was meh.But INSTEAD OF ANSWERING THINGS LIKE :
-Arno and the assassins("I am an Assassin!"-->WTF)
-Arno and Shay etc
-WTF did Napoleon want the poe?He already has a freaking Apple!And generally,Napoleon's contribution to the story was zero(not even a conversation with Arno!!).Plus,DKcreated ANOTHER PLOT HOLE:How the hell are Arno and Napoleon friends again at the 1800s????!?!?!?!?!?!?!
-"Eve".Simply WTF?
-Why Arno wanted to travel to Egypt specifically?I don't believe that there was a 2015 Arno-Egypt-Napoleon sequel and Victory for 2016...These decisions are made years before people!They can' be cancelled so easily plus,if ACV is indeed a 2016 game,there is no way they said:"Let's release it a year before,no problem at all!".
Generally,the whole story revolved around getting to the temple.No twists at all...Eventually,Arno stays in France.I hoped he adopted Leon or something(i mean give him a closure and head to ACV),but no...

So there are 3 scenarios right now:
1)Kotaku made a mistake.ACV is 2016 AC game.2015 AC game is an Arno-Napoleon-Egypt game.(<1%)
2)Ubi releasing another Arno DLC(s).It is rumored and it was mentioned in the IGN review.So unless they mean Chronicles:China,we may actually get a closure.Maybe a dlc that answers most questions and ends Arno story.I am not confident though that they can pull something like this out in a DLC(40%)------>What i prefer.Although i like Arno,ubi messed up his story.No need to destroy it completely.
3)Ubi being Ubi doesn't release anything.Leaves all the queations unanswered, he plot holes as they are.Actually,i think it is really possible,as two or more DLCs would be too much+they would have mentioned it in the initial season pass announcement.

In conclusion,DK was decent story-wise,but in the meantime a missed oppurtunity if it is the only DLC.

01-15-2015, 05:12 PM
Well little spoilers in there man, but I don't mind.

About AC Victory I'm not so sure about it been 2015 anymore, if it was we would have seen at least some official footage by now, all we have are some pictures leaked and even Ubi regreted this and said it was not meant to happen.

My guess is there will be (and should be) a kinda Revelations game this year.

My reasons:

- Arno story still incomplete and no way they are going to make that big of a DLC.
- Redemption for the story, as Arno's was mostly about love and vengeance and little to no part on first civ stuff.
- Reuse of the current mechanics: this new engine introduced in Unity had a lot of great things that if polished will make for an awesome game.

On another note this could all be false and after the backlash from Unity there won't be an AC on 2015 and we are just kidding ourselfs with Victory which might be a 2016 game

01-15-2015, 05:12 PM
1#July 27 1794*- Germain and Elise dies inside the Temple of Paris.

August 3 1794*- Starting of the events of Dead Kings.

August 10 1794*- Napoleon gets arrested for complicity with the Robespierre brothers and suspended form his duties (he will regain freedom only 10 days later on August 20 probably with help from the Apple). This event signs the end of the DLC.

October 5 1795*- According to Arno's Database entry, Arno and Napoleon meet each other in this date (the "13 Vendémiaire"), and there is a co-op mission for this.

July 1 1798*- Napoleon lands in Egypt, near Alexandria.

December 24 1800*- The events of "The Infernal Machine" Co-op mission. Here Arno and other Assassins saves Napoleon on the behalf of the Council.

Here, the ACWiki team supposed that the events in the post-credit scene in Unity with Arno and Napoleon inside the Temple to recover Germain's remains is in 1808.

They probably arrived to this conclusion because Arno's Database entry in Unity says that there is someone called "Arno Dorian" in Napoleon's diaries in three exact moments: August 1792 (their first meeting); October 1795 (a reference to the "13 Vendémiaire"); andMAY 1808.

And here there's a problem. In May 1808 Napoleon wasn't even in Paris. He was in Bayonne, administrating the Wars he started (The Napoleonic Wars). So, in my opinion, the events in the post-credit scene happened in a not so accurate year, but probably in a time before the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars and after Arno rejoins the Brotherhood and reaches the rank of Master Assassin.

Talking about the events of the novel, I don't know exactly where these events takes place, but considering that the entire DLC is chronologically only a week after the original game, and the DLC itself lasts another week from August 3 to 10, i think it's difficult that these events happened in the week between Unity and the DLC. I think these probably happened after the DLC itself, when Arno decides to return in Paris after hiding in Saint-Denis...

As a side personal note, the only thing I really don't understand in the developing of this DLC is how Arno doesn't seems to know Napoleon... Even when you retrieve the Head of Saint-Denis (as a man interested in Archeology and Mythology, finally an artifact derived from a true legend IMHO), Arno says "THAT Commandant must never have it".

Wait... THAT Commandant? Arno in 1794 should know first name, last name, and even the adress of that "dude".

[B]2#[/BFrom what i can piece together, Dead Kings happens roughly one month after you kill Germain in 1794, but before the ending scene of Unity which happened "years later." So that leaves plenty of time for Arno and Napoleon to become friends (or stay pseudo-enemies, as i'm not sure Napoleon was ever aware of Arno's involvement in DK.) again after what happened in Dead Kings in time for his return for Germain's remains.

The co-op missions act as if Arno is an assassin, and the co-op mission, 'The Infernal Machine,' where you foil an assassination plot on Napoleon's life, takes place in 1800. That means it's also after killing Germain, but likely before the ending scene. (Possibly even leading up to it, as a foiled assassination attempt would probably secure an alliance or at the very least earn a favour.)

Since the co-op missions refer to Arno as an assassin, it's probably safe to assume Arno rejoined somewhere after he read Elise's letter, wanting to try to form a truce between the Assassins, but before Dead Kings, as he had an assassin contact to give the PoE to.

TL;DR*Here's my take at the timeline of Arno at the end of the events of Unity.

1794 - Kills Germain, Elise Dies.1794 - Meets Ruddock, recieves Elise's letters, rejoins the Assassins at her request. (Novel)1794 - (roughly a month later) - Events of Dead Kings1798 - Napoleon's Egypt campaign begins.1800 - Arno (and assassin pals) save Napoleon's life. ( Co-op Mission Infernal Machine)1801 - Napoleon's Egypt campaign ends.1802-1808-ish? - Returns to Paris Temple with Napoleon to recover Germain's remains.

Two posts form reddit,showing how messed up the ending timeline is...Do they even speak with each other.It seems like everyone threw a scene in the story and that's it(credit to Taeyism and Hephasteus_92 respectively)

01-15-2015, 05:13 PM
As I reckoned in another thread, I believe Victory will allow players to view memories of Arno during Napoleon's reign (probably will have Arno VS Napoleon). I don't believe Arno will have a sequel, his own story is done, but there will be more of him and Napolean. I mean, this is Assassin's Creed. Altair, despite being deceased for about 300 years, still played an important role in Ezio's story.

I highly doubt there will be a game in Egypt this saga. Highly doubt. It's Ubisoft's motto to rehash as much as they can when they improve the engine. That means a new saga (2-4 games that connects) that will have the same gameplay, aesthetics, architectures, etc, etc. When I look at Victory's screenshots, it's very reminiscent of Unity. Going from Egypt to London would be weird. A step back, almost. I will go as far as to say Victory WILL be the sequel. But that doesn't mean Egypt won't be present. I'm willing to bet we will visit some of it in missions reminiscent of Revelations.

So yeah, I think Unity's cliffhangers are foreshadowing their importance in Victory. They won't have a sequel or DLC, but they'll be present in the next game.