View Full Version : Ubisoft never yet solve my problem

01-15-2015, 12:19 PM
I currently facing 2 problem,

1st: Altair outfit not unlocking despite collect all artifact 100% and completed companion apps. I just get the hood and the momentos.

2nd: Cant download DLC ( MAYBE NOT YET RELEASE IN ASIA?)

So ubisoft, i have send a ton of ticket to seek for help and yet u guys didnt reply me a single word..is this what you called customer service?


01-15-2015, 07:20 PM

For Altair outfit, there are couple of threads describing the issue, its somehow a known issue and sorry but i think you need to wait for a proper fix.



Regarding Dead Kings DLC, since you didnt specify if you have steam or uplay version of the game, ill assume you have steam version of the game as there was a problem with the DLC on steam, it got sorted out recently, restart steam and see if its downloading now.