View Full Version : Ubisoft It's the 14th aad no Dead Kings Dlc for Ps4

01-15-2015, 12:41 AM
This is starting to get a little bit rough ubisoft posts that the game ACU is going to be a smash and it is nothing but a fail and full of bugs then they fail by taking forever to fix it and then they fail by not even talking to any of their customers or giving feed back about what is happening with the game.you guys should not post release dates if you cannot stick to them this is to ridiculous and I am at the point where I have no faith in ubisoft or your assassins creed franchise anymore. Maybe you guys need to start caring about the pproduct you are selling to your customers and realize that you are not even trying anymore if you are pushing out 2 or 3 assassins creed games a year maybe you need to rethink your strategy and become more like Bethesda they ddevelop quality games ubisoft is really starting to develop crap. And yea this about a poor quality game not a date I was hoping to see if they put any effort Into the new dlc because Imo acu is one big city that all looks the same. Look at assassins creed 3 now that game is developed well and is huge and doesn't have the problem of all looking the same. Acu all looks the same except for a few huge buildings and the river. It's a gloomy pathetic look. Ya I am quite pissed at the money I spent on this game because they only have coop multi player again assassins creed 3 was so much better. What ever I'm done raging oh ya and still so many damn bugs in this game.

01-15-2015, 12:46 AM
The DLC is out on all platforms! Just hover over the AC Unity tab on your XMB menu and you should see a Dead Kings banner in the little news tab which redirects you to the PS store.

01-15-2015, 01:04 AM
I found it I apologize however it is nearly impossible to find it. It isn't in the psn store at all so if you look there you won't find it II and I searched it and it didn't come up either. I found it on the ACU page where you start the game. thx for the help alex