View Full Version : Issues regarding Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App

01-14-2015, 12:28 PM
Hello all of you!

I encounter some issues regarding this app and I hope you might help me.
First of all I play it on my smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

1. For more than 5 (five) days it shows me one of my assassns' status as 'away'. He is nowhere to be found on the map; there is no mission assigned to him. I believe he went to retrieve a chest as he was the only available assassin at that moment. How can I track him? I want to dismiss him in order to buy a better and more skilled assassin.

2. Sometimes the glyphs don't appear on the buildings in the puzzle. I have to use eagle pulse multiple times in order to make them appear.

3. When I touch the glyph with my finger tip, it does nothing. After using eagle pulse one more time, it selects the glyph.

4. It bothers me that automatically assigns an assassin to retrieve the reward instead of asking me if I prefer Arno to do it or not. Meaninglessly it forces to play it more time and buy the premium version.