View Full Version : XBOne Can't fight in open conflict

01-14-2015, 06:39 AM
After downloading & installing the Dead Kings DLC, open conflict has completely stopped working. If I try and fight any opponent both Arno & the opponents will not do anything. Arno can not use ranged weapons or bombs of any kind. Repeatedly pressing the attack button does nothing, nor does perry and dodge - everyone just stands around in the fight pose with weapons drawn but nothing happening. The same happens between guards & allies - they all just stand around without attacking each other.

Thanks to this, I can't progress past the 2nd mission for Dead Kings - you know, where you have to fight off 2 raiders to save Leon. Awesome! I've uninstalled & re-installed Dead Kings DLC, but with no luck.

It also does not work if I go back to Paris / Versailles and try to fight. Both in the open world part AND within missions. Hooray!

First ever post on here because this bug is so incredibly nasty!