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01-13-2015, 05:25 PM
Hey guys i know im extremely delayed but i have some questions about Assassins Creed Unity im still on a Last-Gen console so im very curious about this game but i obviously cannot purchase it yet.

1. Crowd Navigation
Whats crowd navigation like is it clunky or fluid? i've been watching some videos and i can't quite decide sometimes it looks slick and easy other times it seems like crowds get in the way


like for example in this video from 7.26-7.50 the crowd movement looks very clunky and crappy whilst at 19:00-19:10 the crowd navigation looks fluid and amazing.

2. HUD
can you get rid of the HUD in Unity? the HUD in this game looks a bit over the top and crowded i noticed in the game play video i included above during the co-op demos the HUD is non-existent therefore extending immersion whilst at 2:40 the circle under Arno and all the HUDs really break that immersion so is this customizable at all? (id for example prefer to not have that massive glowing circle under Arno whilst blending can this be changed? i've also seen game play videos without that massive circle is it optional?)

3. Story
Is the writing that terrible? at the start of that video i posted the voice acting/script writing seems quite fluid and nice in my opinion :confused: also is there any first civ stuff included at all? (please keep spoilers at a minimum)

4.Crowd Animation Immersion
are the NPC's as diverse in animation as displayed in the demo? i mean Ubisoft is known for manufacturing and over-polishing there games for E3 demos so is it the same case this time also i really hope not because immersion is a big thing for me.

15:40-15:50 the different character animations seem extremely varied is this in game also? or as i said manufactured for marketing purposes

Thanks in advance for any help :D

01-13-2015, 05:43 PM
1. Sometimes smooth, other times it's like actually running through a crowd and not very easy to get through so you push people out of the way.
2. Yes you can customize the viewing of the HUD.
3. The story would be ok, but there are areas that are disjointed and you don't know the rest of the reason why on somethings. I guess the book is a better read of the story than the game. At times it seems like more than one person was writing the game storyline... and some of those people had no clue about what became before in the AC world. So it has it's moments.
4. Yes and no, there are some really great spots in the game and the conversations are not all the same... for instance someone said more to Arno the other day when I was playing than I had heard before. Usually it's Hello Arno... this was like a full sentence.

Character animations as I said yes and no on, but should say it seems to lean more to yes. And of course Arno's fighting animations are different than any before. So it does have a better feel of immersion.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

01-13-2015, 07:00 PM

1. It's clunky most of the time with exceptions.
2. You can turn off the entire HUD, but not the blending circle (as far as I know)
3. Story is not worth mentioning. The core problem is, it leads nowhere. There's no conclusion in the end and you feel like all the hours played are worthless. Plus the whole First Civ part of the lore was dropped in this game.
4. Well, NPC interactions and animations are awesome and the city really feels alive. On the other hand, crowds and NPC textures are a glitchfest.

My résumé: Gameplay was a huge step forward, with room for improvements. The story feels rushed and is confusing, overall it's not satisfying how things were executed. MD isn't present anymore.

01-13-2015, 07:06 PM
2. You can turn off the entire HUD, but not the blending circle (as far as I know)

Somehow, in my first playthrough, I only got the blending circle in the very beginning of the game, when Arno's still in Versailles.
When I got to Paris, it would never appear anymore and I have no idea what caused it. I did make some changes to the HUD. It might've been a glitch but in this case, it would've been a pretty awesome one; even though it was kinda confusing for me since it had me thinking that it might be a skill that had to be unlocked. In my second playthrough, the circle was ever present again...

01-13-2015, 07:52 PM
4. Well, NPC interactions and animations are awesome and the city really feels alive. On the other hand, crowds and NPC textures are a glitchfest.

Specifically, it's the NPCs *changing appearance* before your very eyes -- clothes, and sometimes entire character models. Less interestingly, you find people walking in mid-air, or sunk knee-deep into the pavement, standing on top of a street lamp, and so on.

Despite funny glitches (I wasn't really annoyed by them, so much as amused), and despite the fact that they're far, far, less 'dynamic' than what was promised, I think the crowds contribute enormously to the atmosphere of the game.