View Full Version : Customization In....Optional Objectives and Synching out!!

01-11-2015, 11:16 AM
I have see a few players like the customization, I like it to and I hope going forward and they do it right it will continue. It takes a little away from the immersion for me but adds a lot to the game play.

That being said allowing us to customize our characters skills, attributes, clothes ,whatever is going to have a great impact on how we can and want to play our assassin. With that I believe that the optional objectives, full synchronization and desyncing by not doing it the "Ubisoft suggested " way for missions should become a thing of the past. I have always disliked these ,shall we call them restrictions, anyway because they simply do not allow for free play. If you want 100% you gotta do it their way, if you don't want to be desynched and start all over again..do it thier way. I for one have never liked feeling pigeon holed into what I can do or how I can do it especially in a free roaming game. They already got rid of the dreaded "you cannot access that memory yet" that could desynch you which I was very happy about.

So I say at this juncture since they are introducing customization of characters they should start allowing customization on how we do our missions with no penalty for not doing it a certain way, I liked the "suggested ways" they did in Unity with the rooftop scanning. That made me feel more in control of the mission or assassination but even with those suggestions if I feel like just rushing in commando style I should be able to without penalty. Note: I don't play that way I am a stealth player but my point is I want the choice. We have all these skills, we can fight, we can hide, we can kill in several different ways, why not give us the opportunity to use them as and how we see fit.

Going all the way back to AC1 Altairs punishment was to go and find his quarry, find there weakness, then figure out how to kill them. Assassins aren't told, go here, kill target this way, leave by this door. W are not soldiers (maybe that's Templars, a whole 'nother conversation) we are assassins we strike we improvise we hide we kill.