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01-11-2015, 06:19 AM
Dear Ubi,

I know this is a pipedream and I know this will probably never get to the ears of the powers that be, but hey I play fantasy games so I am a dream believer and fantastical fan.

I was happy to receive an invite not to long ago as I am sure others did, to to fill out a survey about what I like and disliked about Unity and what I would like and not like to see in the future franchise of Assassins Creed.

I know many are going to disagree with me on this but I think UBI treats its fans if not the best then one of the best. I know lots of other media like apps and websites and Facebook games all having bugs and not being maintained as well as they should be and currently the franchise direction and story seems in peril. I look at it this way with all the other media they are trying to do more than other companies and franchises, thay are stumbling but at least they are trying so I like to think. Assassins creed feels like an ever evolving immersive universe what with all the other media games,movies,DLC spinoffs to help flesh out the world. Personally and this is just my personal opinion I love all the addons and additional "content" they add, seems everytime I turn around there is something else to discover whether its a new addon weapon, outfit or a new website content.

I said oll that to say this after doing the survey well before doing the survey I am just bursting with ideas and theories about what to do with the franchise,storylines, timeframes, antagnists ,protaganists you know everything. So hear is what I would like to know is there a way to get idea and hash out possibilities with the devs or writers heck I will settle for the Intern that gets them thier coffee just so long as I can contribute just a few lines to what has become a world I am thrilled to play in and be a part of.

I know I know "Ubisoft cannot leagally take outside suggestions according to blah blah rules and statues blah" As I said before just let the Intern do it.

Anyway that's my pipedream, discuss or don't discuss but as they say, just had to get it out there.

"Psst Ubi Call Me":cool:

01-11-2015, 06:38 AM
Sadly, not really. I'm pretty sure they don't often take ideas from fans, sometimes its for the better, but sometimes it's for the worst. For example, they've been trying to get rid of the complex storylines for a while now