View Full Version : XBOne [TZnG] Zinc Gaming! Recruitment Video

01-10-2015, 05:23 PM

Zinc Recruitment Challenge Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfKXyENOkCE

About Clan:
Name: The Zinc Gaming
Clan Tag: [TZnG]
Clan Age: 5 Day Old
Clan Leader: Boltry (My Rank: Advanced Champion)
Number of Members: 20/50
Completed Objectives: 8/11
YouTube Channel(Currently Inactive): We Have 2,000 Subscribers (Uploading Daily Videos Soon of Club)
Currently we are in 1st Place in Club Competition with a 100,000 point lead.
*We play everyday as a Clan! Early Morning & Late At-Nite

How To Join:
1. Send me Friend Request - Gamertag: Boltry
2. Club Request! - Clan Tag [TZnG]
Menu -> My Brotherhood -> My Club -> Search for a Club -> [F] SEARCH FOR A CLUB BY NAME/TAG -> Type: TZnG