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01-10-2015, 01:54 PM

I, as we all are, am a an avid Assassin's Creed fan.

The only feeling I am getting though with the newer games is that I am getting very distracted from the main story line. I didn't seem to feel this with earlier games such as AC1 through to AC3 including Brotherhood and Revelations.

I tend to get wrapped up in side quests and challenges before I actually get half way into the story line. I have lately been playing AC4 and to enable you to play the best part of the story you need the ship upgrades. Before you know it, you have maxed out on the collectibles, upgraded your ship and weapons and forgotten where you are with the story.

How does everyone else approach a new game?

When I start Rogue and Unity what is the best strategy - upgrades and collectibles first or concentrate on the storyline?

I also buy the game guides from Brady/Prima and Piggyback. Not because I want or need the cheats but because I enjoy the artwork and the background information. The maps and pull-outs are in most cases quite amazing! If I do get in trouble I refer to the walkthroughs which are quite detailed but don't totally ruin the surprise and general experience. The only problem I find is that the small screenshots are very dark and at times I have had to get a small torch and a magnifying glass to see them!

Failing that there's always good old You Tube, but that does sort of ruin the experience as you know exactly what's coming next!

One other suggestion I would like to make is that some of the side quests, which are actually better and more challenging than the main story quests, should be replayable. There are several of them where I have flown solo and messed up but have had not had the option of restarting or playing again. When you look back over what you have played in each session, it always comes back that maybe I could have done that bit a bit tidier and better than that!

01-10-2015, 02:24 PM
Instead of asking for advices just follow your heart. :cool:

01-10-2015, 05:52 PM
Yeah for my first playthrough with AC4 I separated the side content into small chunks. So every sequence I had a little something to do. They're still pretty lengthy and at times make you feel like you're deviating from the main path you should be focusing on. I had the same worry as you when it came to side content, that I would "forget" about the story.... I tried to address that concern by reminding myself about Edward's motivations and his goals... I guess you could call it roleplaying. At times I think he lost his way too, so we shouldn't feel ashamed if we get distracted by the plunder, riches, and glory. I did another playthrough where I completely ignored the side content and was kinda surprised that it's possible to complete nearly all the main story missions without any upgrades (although I did require mid-tier upgrades for the last naval battle).

It does help space out the sequences a bit because the main campaign by itself is kinda short. And Edward spent around... 7 years, I think in the Caribbean? I think that was one advantage to including the amount of side content that we found in the game. The whole thing felt like a long adventure.

I haven't played Unity or Rogue yet. For my 1st playthrough with Unity I'm hoping to disregard most of the collectibles and chances are I won't be touching the companion app (partly because I don't have a compatible device). And when I get Rogue I'm gonna play it the same way I did with AC4.

01-10-2015, 06:41 PM
I usually run through the whole main story first because I'm way too curious to know what happens next, and do all the side mission after I end it. Don't do this though, I don't think it's a good approach :p

01-10-2015, 07:13 PM
I ascertain all the side missions and determine which ones MUST be done alongside the main story and which ones COULD work after the main story. I like having things to do after the main story but sometimes it unfortunately does not work, such as in ACB. Every side mission in ACB (but the Cristina missions) and ACR is tailored to be done alongside the story as every side mission involves the Borgia and Ezio's stay in Constantinople and I care about chronology and order of events.

For AC II, alongside the story I did the tombs and Assassination contracts, while the glyphs were pretty elastic, they could be done after the main story and lose no effect or feel out of place.

For ACB, alongside the story I did the Romulous missions, Borgia towers, Assassination contracts, Thief assignments, Courtesan assignments, War machine missions and Templar agent hunts. None of those feel normal being done after the main story in ACB for me but the Cristina missions were flexible too, so I kept those till after the main story.

For ACR, alongside the story I did the recruit missions (As there are some unique ones with their own stories and cutscenes, unlike ACB), Master Assassin missions, Hagia Sophia mission, Faction missions, Den takeover and Piri Reis' missions. None of those obviously fits after the main story (matter of fact free roaming doesn't work) since Ezio leaves Constantinople. True, the novel dictates that Ezio and Sofia come back but nothing drastic happens during that time.

For AC III, alongside the story I did the Homestead missions, Biddle missions, Liberation missions, Forts, Captain Kidd's treasure hunt and the Naval contracts. A lot of others I leave till after the main story as they're flexible enough such as the Frontiersman missions, hunting lodge missions and the Boston Brawlers missions. Missions such as the delivery requests, courier assignments and Assassination contracts(Good god) I don't count because they have no context whatsoever.

For AC IV, alongside the story I did the Templar hunts, Diving areas, Forts, Plantations, Naval contracts, Assassination contracts and Harpooning. The harpooning could be done after the main story but everything else involving piracy I make sure to leave for before the story ends, everything else can be done after the story ends but, as in ACR, just Edward's presence in the west indies goes against the ending, so.

For ACU, alongside the story I did the historical murder mysteries, co-op missions that take place before 1800, some heists, Historical Paris stories, MOST Historical club missions and Cafe missions. ACU is quite unique in that a strand contains very different missions that can be done after and during the main story. Everything else I left till after the main story.

For me, I never do a pure story run-through. There's always important character development and events in some side missions in AC. The Templar agent missions in ACB have their own cutscenes and show some more development for Ezio, the Master Assassin missions show Ezio mentoring young students, the Homestead missions have valuable character development for Connor, the Templar hunts in AC IV show Edward's interaction with the Assassins and his development, they also offer a sort of glue between sequences 5 and 8 because there's not much Templar-Assassin involvement in those.

01-10-2015, 10:58 PM
In AC4, as soon as I found a new island while playing through the story, I got 100% on it before moving onto the next mission
It let me savour the story, and also helped with overall 100% at the end because most of the stuff was already done
AC1-ACB are the only games where I rush through the story, because I want them over and done with so I can move onto ACR and AC3 :cool:

01-10-2015, 11:33 PM
My approach to any open world game these days is pretty much this:


I hate moving from mission marker to mission marker instead of actually experiencing the world, but this approach has down sides as I feel compelled to do everything regardless of whether I enjoy it or not. This actually ends up being counter-productive for me as instead of aimlessly exploring, taking in the scenery and experiencing the systemic nature of the world, I'm simply completing set objectives -- moving from waypoint to waypoint hurriedly instead of being fully immersed - basically what I'd be doing if I was speed running the main missions.

I think this is a problem with Ubisoft's checklist design philosophy. My advice is to find a healthy balance between the amount of side quests and missions you do. Limit yourself to a few quests at a time between missions and make sure you set aside some time to simply free roam and enjoy the setting.

01-10-2015, 11:34 PM
main story first always and always

then if interested, do sidequests

that's it for me

01-10-2015, 11:50 PM
I make a balance normally but it depends on the game sometimes.

On Brotherhood, I spent way more time on the side quests than the main story because it was eh.

But with AC3/AC4, I spend time on the story than the side quests. ( Not that they were bad or anything)

01-10-2015, 11:52 PM
i mainly do main story because i love the story and prefer having my thoughts together (beat it in one sitting preferably) and i like to avoid spoilers ASAP

01-11-2015, 12:02 AM
I do some of the story every now & again, then take a break to do the side stuff. Then, when I get near to the end of the story, I finish up all the rest of the side content before continuing so that I've done everything by the time I've finished the story. Obviously the app prevented this for Unity...

01-11-2015, 01:29 AM
I do half of the story mission for the skills and activated side missions

01-11-2015, 01:49 AM
i mainly do main story because i love the story and prefer having my thoughts together (beat it in one sitting preferably) and i like to avoid spoilers ASAP


01-11-2015, 04:11 AM
First playthrough, try to do anything interesting along the way between main missions, finally 100% it half a year after. Second playthrough, try to 100% it before finishing the story, but I usually give up near the end and clean up the remaining side content after the ending. I actually like M's way of doing it though, I'll try that on my next playthrough of Unity.

01-11-2015, 04:25 AM
With ACU I left the main story to the very end; I spent nearly a month doing nothing but freeroaming after Paris was 'unlocked'.

I got the level 1 lockpicking skill, then proceeded to open chests around the city, including level 3 ones. I opened most of them too.
I may have spent a week doing nothing but trying to open chests higher than my skill level.

That's not the way to play a game, so don't do it.

01-11-2015, 05:13 AM
I just give myself benchmarks. For AC1- ACR, I'd just run around and say "Hey, I should slow down on the missions for a bit". For AC3, I made the terrible decision of saying "I'll start doing collectibles and freeroaming when I get my robes" aaaand then Haytham happened... Aaaaand then Connor's training happened. Luckily I did it all in 1 day. In AC4, I said "**** it there's so many collectibles" and I ended up taking 1-2 months to complete the whole story (even though the story wasn't very long). In AC Unity I said "The sequences are disturbingly short. I'm gonna do 1 more sequence and see if they get longer" Sadly they never did, so I decided to just get myself a good set of armor and finish the entire game in hopes of something First Civilization related

Don't do anything I do. I still haven't figured out how to do it. I think I was closest in AC4, but a HUGE chunk of that 1-2 months was not playing due to uninterest in the story. I didn't like Edward or AC4 at all until sequence 10

i mainly do main story because i love the story and prefer having my thoughts together (beat it in one sitting preferably) and i like to avoid spoilers ASAP

I avoid doing that because the story is one of the main reasons I play the game. I never want it to end, so I try to take longer to do it and enjoy my time while having the ability to do the next mission