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01-09-2015, 05:46 PM
So I am new to the ac world and have never owned any off the previous games, and surprisingly enough am able to play on low settings with my 680 (min requirements have been whined about enough) . I don't understand the purpose of the companion app, my phone doesn't support it so I have installed from win store on my computer. Then I send assassins out to complete missions, which seems really silly as there is nothing involved other than what appears to be a data grab from ubisoft. But then it gets worse, wtf do I do with the glyph puzzles ? I really don't understand and would like somebody to explain for me. Companion app is on gaming rig, do I flip back and forth from game to app, where are the glyphs ? If someone could please help I would appreciate.



01-09-2015, 07:19 PM
Hi Ken,

The companion app is not an independent game, it is a supplement to the main game. So those two should work together.

To play companion app you'll get additional rewards such as currency in game/weapon (unlock blue chest that can be opened in main game), mini assassin/steal missions that'll be completed in main game which is important to you if you want to get 100% synchronization, artifacts' location in 7 Helix maps, which reward you whole set of tailored phantom gears and Altair's outfit by retrieving the corresponding artifacts in main game.

I remembered there are total 8 groups of snow-shape in the app, one is green color others are blue. Each group has its own glyph that is in the middle of the group icons. The green group missions is to be used for assassins training purpose only, the other 7 blue groups are nomad missions you will play with.

You need to solve glyph puzzles to unlock Nomad mission sets (use your eagle vision to find the glyphs on the building the tap them quickly), you also need to recruit several assassins to train them to perform Nomad missions in companion app.

Companion app is able to communicate with your main game through UBI server. I don't think you need switch between main game and app frequently because it will take hours/days to complete Nomad missions. I suggest you just solve glyphs first, recruit assassins and train them and dispatch them to do Nomad missions, after then leave it alone. When you think it should be completed, open app and check out the status, if done, launch the app and main game at the same time to sync the data, then have Arno do something if required That should be ok.

01-09-2015, 07:34 PM
Cool, thank you for responding. I am enjoying the game for the most part, just didn't understand the glyphs thingy, or initiates ???still not sure why it is what it is but hey. Is a good game just a shame that ubi seems to have put monetization ahead of a good game experience. Just glad I won my copy and didn't pay 70 bucs for the game.

thanks again

01-09-2015, 10:25 PM
Do not forget, open the game first, let it load fully, then open the app. If you open the app before the game then it will not sync properly.

01-09-2015, 11:37 PM
Nothing is finished, everything is broken...

@TH3R4BB1T I love your new creed for AC so much!

@ Ken initiate is not a game, it is a database that stored all players gaming records/history of AC franchise games starting from AC II. If you are new to AC, needn't pay too much attention to it, at least at this moment. it has been "sleeping" since last Christmas and not wake up yet. UBI told us it is under maintenance, I would like to say it is in construction however. Besides the gaming records it collected (sounds like Templar), initiates also presents some interesting features such as daily drills even though it was never working, You will be given a title based on your gaming behavior/killing style so everyone feels himself like a big hero.

01-09-2015, 11:57 PM
@TH3R4BB1T thanks good to know

@feto2011 thanks for the info as well, just wish they could get this working right, could be a good game...... sigh the good old days when games were held back till right