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01-09-2015, 05:15 PM

How many people have had problems when re-spawning in User Created Maps.

The video above shows me come off the track when missing a jump, I manage to find an out of bounds area when walking around - at approx 1-min I respawn but instead of starting back at the start of the map where I would exect to be I am re-spawned very close to where I came off the track which is no help whatsoever.

This in my opinion is a huge problem with lots of Race Maps also Escape and Obstacle Course maps will be affected, in a perfect situation vehicles that have blown up would reset / respawn after the player leaves their location for a set length of time and the actual player should always be reset back to a spawn point so if there is only one on the map every time you die you must always restart back at that spawn - this is basic stuff I thought.

The only outcome is that with a possible patch maybe the respawn route can always be reset to the default spawn point otherwise we either have to make maps idiot proof where you can't come off the track on a race map or make an escape / Get 2 the End type map so easy that it might not be worth playing.

It is disappointing really.

(Can't remember the author of the map - it was a random one I downloaded)

01-09-2015, 06:29 PM
Thinking about this maybe some new additions to the MODIFIERS could fix up this situation with spawning.

Example - 1. Vehicles respawn back to default location after been left idle for (X) number of minutes or after blowing up On / Off
Example - 2. On death the player returns to their initial spawn point when the map started On / Off
Example - 3. After going out of bounds on respawning the player adopts the initial spawn point when the map started On / Off

01-10-2015, 01:56 AM
Can you set the points of interest as check points? I have the same issue with the first map I made Mt Paektu NorthKorea. I wanted the map to have different ways to get to the extraction point and some are pit falls and others you use a zip lines. The problem was if you fell in a pit and did not die you are stuck. So I made it out of bounds so you would respawn at the top. But another problem happens you keep spawning out of bounds in loop. To solve that problem I made the out of bounds larger on safer ground. But now a lot of safe places are out of bounds making the map very confusing.

I now have to rework the map to try and fix the problems.