View Full Version : PS4 [IW9] Ironworkers Club Recruiting DEDICATED MEMBERS ONLY

01-08-2015, 09:22 PM
Anyone looking for a Club that has dedicated members we are accepting Applications. We are Silver 2 Division and working our way up. We are a small group with a few Dedicated players. I'm the leader Anubis1631, my Top Promoted and second in command is Shape100x hit us up on PSN or Apply to the club so we can talk. Looking forward to getting some good guys and girls that want to play together. We want to dominate the ranks and have fun doing it, we are looking for people that are serious about it and not just hitching a ride to get some free stuff,Thank you.

[IW9] Ironworkers
Leader - Anubis1631
Co-Leader - Shape100x
Lieutenant - grand_hustle