View Full Version : Unity early impressions very good.

01-08-2015, 10:18 AM
I game on a 2500K and 980, both under water. Reading around, I was worried that this wasn't going to be enough to run the game at a fluid 50-60fps maxed out. Downloaded it at the weekend using a code I had received when I bought the 980 over Xmas.

Graphically, this is one of the best games I have ever seen. The scenery is almost photorealistic, The player model and textures are up there with the best, and the lighting effects are superb. The only thing that lets it down graphically, are the NPC's, which given how many there are, is a compromise I suppose.

I can max it out with 2xMSAA (don't like TXAA, too blurry) and it runs at a constant 55fps. Contrary to what I had been reading, you don't need two 980 cards to get over 40fps. This is of course, with the latest patch installed.and latest driver update.

Very impressed with the game so far, and would like congratulate Ubi on producing an epic next generation installment of the franchise.

01-08-2015, 11:43 AM
Consider yourself lucky.. for now.