View Full Version : ACU - Can't Progress To Memory 2 Sequence 2 - Please help!!

01-08-2015, 01:39 AM
Hi there,

this game is really pi**ing me off now! I have played the single player up to & including Memory 2 sequence 1 (Bastille escape) & duly press"A" to attempt to continue to sequence 2 at the end of the cut scene where ARNO is staring at the emblem which has been revealed using Eagle Vision.

At this point the game then takes me to a district in Paris where I just seem to be in free roam mode and not in the second mission as it doesn't show up in the Progress Tracker with the square for sequence 1 being Orange, but the square for sequence 2 is greyed out and I only seem to be able to either replay sequence 1 or skip along to Paris stories.

I've tried several times to redo sequence 1, but always end up with the above result unable to progress to sequence 2!

I've uninstalled/reinstalled but to no avail, and the Xbox seems to have kept the same savageness (don't know how to delete these).

Can anyone help please?